John Thackara

John Thackara



  • What is Your Place in the Regenerative Economy?
  • The City and Its Bioregion: A Design Agenda
  • Creativity and Social Innovation
  • Growing the Bio City
  • Pathways to a Living Economy
  • Five Per Cent Health
  • Design in the Light of Dark Energy

What he offers

John’s talks deliver tangible benefits: actionable insights into sustainability and resilience; a shared vision of ‘preferred states’; opportunities for innovation in your organisation; and the impetus to launch high impact projects. He uses inspiring stories to demonstrate how the sustainability challenge is an opportunity for immediate action. “I talk honestly about the severity of the economic and environmental challenges that confront us – but then I re-frame these challenges in such a way that people gain fresh insight into opportunities for innovation that they can exploit”.

How he presents

Encounters with John Thackara can occur in a variety of formats adapted to suit your unique requirements – from a one hour keynote lecture to more interactive workshops, design clinics and Explorers Clubs.

John Thackara is an internationally acclaimed authority on innovation in a green economy. For Business Week he is “one of the great voices on sustainability”, and the Wall Street Journal has noted his “global reputation as a cutting edge design expert”. The Economic Times of India lauded his “brilliant insights into the internet and sustainability”. John Thackara is the founder and director of The Doors of Perception (Doors). As director of Doors of Perception, John also organises festivals around the world in which communities imagine a sustainable future – and take practical steps to realise it.

John studied philosophy and trained as a journalist, before working for 10 years as a book and magazine editor. He was the first Director of the Netherlands Design Institute in Amsterdam and was program director of Designs of the Time (the social innovation biennial in England). John is a Senior Fellow of the Royal College of Art, in London, and a Fellow of Musashino Art University in Japan. He is also a member of the UK Parliament’s Standing Commission on Design.


  • How to Thrive in the Next Economy (2015)
  • Clean Growth: The Things We Need More of (2009)
  • In the Bubble: Designing in a Complex World (2005)
  • The Edge Effect: Designing the Contexts for Innovation (2002)
  • Winners – How Europe’s Most Successful Companies Use Design to Innovate (1999)
  • Web Publishing Strategy (1996)
  • Lost in Space: A Traveller’s Tale (1995)
  • Lost in Space (1994)
  • Kajima (in Japanese) (1992)
  • Design After Modernism: Beyond the Object (1987)


“For our executive workshop, John introduced us to a variety of low-tech but smart solutions that offered a better everyday life for the many, not just for the few. It was an inspiring presentation.”

“Your presentation had a substantial influence in defining our board’s aspiration toredefine the airport.”

“John Thackara’s presentation at our annual innovaton awards was inspiring.”

“Our high-level guests greatly appreciated John’s challenging talk – and it continues to generatlively discussion internally.”

“Your presentation gave our conference the positive energy it needsto face the difficult challenges ahead.”

“Your inspirational key note address created an enormous buzz and gave people an insight into how people making small changes can have big impacts.”

“A broader perspective on how the world’s largest public service organisation might contribute to designing social change. John’s contribution made several senior producers re-evaluate their editorial propositions.”

“Invaluable insights: our festival got an overwhelmingly positive response.”

“John challenged us to rethink innovation, its goals, its processes, and its stakeholders. With a combination of wit, concrete examples and analysis, he opened up wholly new possibilities.”

“John was asked to to set the tone on ecology and technology at our centennial conference. He did so admirably and compellingly. He’s clearly a key player in the international dialogue on the future of the planet.”

“John was a gracious and engaged host with such a well-crafted, sharp, payattention-or-you’ll-miss-it wit, it ran like footnotes beneath his intelligent commentary.”

“A global expert on innovation and the green economy.”

“You lifted the conference and discussion to a high level.”

“A thought leader who provoked us with outside-in, future-related, concepts and opinions.”

Presentation Languages: English

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