John Kao


  • Six Intelligences to Ignite Rapid Transition from Crisis to Opportunity
  • Jamming: Improvisation as Innovation Skill

What he offers

In an era, whose very essence is constant disruption, leaders need to engage a new model of thinking that will invoke a true sense of curiosity, problem-solving and, more importantly, opportunity-seeking in every individual contributor within your organization. Dr. John Kao leads the charge by providing The Six Intelligences framework that will engage the WHOLE PERSON as a catalyst for change. His framework will help your people apply consistent behavioral practices that will develop their unique potential, while invoking invaluable skill sets that will enable each person as well as your organization to make a rapid transition from crisis to opportunity.

How he presents

John Kao offers an approach to creativity and innovation that demystifies it for  business people everywhere. Like a relaxed jazz musician he creates a rhythm with his content-rich stories and strategies. His eclectic approach is unique and blends disciplines as diverse as case study narratives, psychology, process facilitation, technology-enabled collaboration and stagecraft.

Dr. John Kao’s eclectic expertise  and application in the worlds of behavioral science (he is a Yale-trained psychiatrist), business creativity (he developed the acclaimed Harvard Business School program on business creativity and innovation), entrepreneurship (he is the co-founder of several high-tech companies), innovation (he has advised Fortune 50s and governments on innovation at scale) and music (he is a jazz pianist) make him the perfect guide to your organization’s desired future.  His presentations and workshops will help you and your organization realize fresh horizons of opportunity and position you toward your desired future.

Dr. Kao has shared his relevant and tactical approaches at The World Economic Forum Davos, TED, Google, the Keidanren and NATO, and has been dubbed “Mr. Creativity” and a “Serial Innovator” by The Economist. Dr. Kao’s greatest pleasure is working with leaders of all kinds who are on the hot seat to deliver some form of meaningful innovation agenda whether they be heads of state, company founders, non-profit leads or c-suite leaders of major corporations.

As a Harvard Business School professor from 1982-96, he created acclaimed MBA and executive education courses on innovation and entrepreneurship. He has also held academic appointments at Stanford, the MIT Media Lab and the US Naval Postgraduate School.

Dr. Kao is the author of the bestselling Jamming: The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity, which describes what leaders can learn from jazz, as well as Innovation Nation, which documents America’s growing innovation challenge. He is also the author of several e-books, including Clearing the Mind for Creativity, The Future is Yours to Invent, We Are All Producers Now and China, the Next Innovation Nation. He was a producer of the films Sex, Lies and Videotape (Palme d’Or, Cannes) and Mr. Baseball (Universal Studios), and was nominated for a Tony Award for producing Golden Child on Broadway.

Dr. Kao’s education includes BA and MD degrees from Yale, a residency at the McLean division of Massachusetts General Hospital and an MBA from Harvard Business School. His work has received coverage in such media as The New York Times, The Economist, CNN, and The Colbert Report. He also served as Contributing Editor to The Daily Beast. Dr. John Kao’s presentations and workshops will help you and your organization realize fresh horizons of opportunity and position you toward your desired future.

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