Janbi Ceylan

Janbi Ceylan



  • Body Language – What we learn by communication with horses
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Trust Relationship (with horse cases)
  • Achievement with Purpose, Patience & Passion

What he offers

He is motivational speaker / narrator who invites us the magical world of horses and let us know them intimately and thus allows us to look at the world from a different angle. While watching the characteristics of the horses and looking at their body language we can easily understand ourselves and others. The horses have extremely honest character so they reflect what they see. Thus, they mirror how others perceive our behaviours.

How he presents

One of the best talented riders and horse rider coaches Janbi Ceylan expresses his successful communication with horse with a huge passion, patience and ambition. He makes his presentations with stunning images & videos by giving examples from developed excellent communication with horses.

“People who have a long time with horses noticed that you can just tame himself, not the horses! It is a journey that you make into your own. Horse is the guide.”

He was born in Turkey. He lived in Russia for many years. He has been interested in dance and horses since his early childhood. Janbi Ceylan combined his professional dans career with amateur riding. He rode a horse from Jordan to North Caucasus (2500 km) and got experience many different horse breeds from different countries.

He left his 8 years career in state folk dance when he met equestrian vaulting by chance in Moscow Nikulin Circus and started to work as equestrian acrobat in Russian Circuses. He decided to return Turkey and focus on only horses in 2005. He has been as horse master, equestrian stunt, riding coach in TV series and cinema films like Yahşi Batı, Karaoğlan, Kervan 1915, Ali & Nino, Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Fatih, Osmanlı Tokadı, Kurtlar Vadisi. He took the stage with horses and, organized performance & speacial events & equestrian demonstrations all around Turkey.

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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