İlter Turan

İlter Turan



  • Turkish Foreign Policy: Axis Shift, Zero Problems, Arab Spring
  • Turkey and the European Union: The Ambiguous Relationship
  • Turkey’s Domestic Politics: Problems and Analyses
  • Domestic and International Hydropolitics of Turkey
  • Identifying and Coping with Political Risks in Investments

What he offers

This Emeritus Professor of Political Science expounds great insights into the changing world order, geo-political issues and the future of Europe.

How he presents

His performance is excellent and inspirational. His style is informal and relaxed.

İlter Turan (1941, Istanbul) is Emeritus Professor of Political Science at Istanbul Bilgi University. Turan received his BA in Government from Oberlin College, Ohio and MA in the same subject from Columbia University in 1964. Returning back to Turkey, he got Ph.D. degree in Economics with concentration on Political Science at Istanbul University.

Turan continued his academic career at Istanbul University until 1993. Between 1993 and 1998, he was Professor of Political Science in Koç University and he served as Rector of Istanbul Bilgi University from 1998 until 2001. He also had visiting appointments at the universities of Kentucky, Arizona, Iowa, Wisconsin, California (Berkeley) and St. Anthony’s and Nuffield Colleges, Oxford.

His professional interests mainly lie in Comparative and Turkish Politics with emphasis on political development and change, political behaviour and political institutions; and International Politics with emphasis on Turkish foreign and security policies. Within Turkish politics, his research and writing has focused on political culture, political institutions with emphasis on political parties and the legislature, policy making with special interest in the politics of water.

Besides his academic post at Istanbul Bilgi University, Turan was President of the Turkish Political Science Association in 2000-2009, a member of the Executive Committee of the International Political Science Association (2000-2006) and the Program Chair of its World Congress in Santiago (2009). He is also a columnist for the Economics daily Dünya, frequent commentator on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines; board member of two corporations and several foundations.

İlter Turan, one of the major political analysts in Turkey, comments on political developments in Turkey and in the world, with their social and economical implications.


  • Turkey’s Difficult Journey to Democracy (2015)
  • The Reorienting of Turkish Foreign Policy (2015)
  • The Role of the EU in Changing the role of the Military in Turkish Politics (2014)
  • Brazil and Turkey’s Nuclear Adventures in Iran (2012)
  • The Unstable Stability: Turkish Politics at Crossroads (2007)

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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