Global Economy

Alexandre Amjad Katrangi

Expert in Economics, Marketing, Business Opportunities, Investments Analysis and Macro Analysis on the Middle East & Africa

Anatole Kaletsky

Award Winning Journalist and
Financial Economist

Andrei Kozyrev

Politician and Businessman, Expert on Russian and East European Economies

Bronwen Maddox

Editor and Chief Executive, Prospect Magazine

Carl Bildt

Former Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden

Christopher Pissarides

2010 Joint Nobel Prize Winner for Economics

Dambisa Moyo

Global Economist & Author

Dani Rodrik

Professor at The Harvard Kennedy School

Danny Quah

Li Ka Shing Professor of Economics, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS

David Rowan

Editor-at-Large at WIRED

Edgar Perez

Author & Business Consultant

Edmund Phelps

Nobel Prize Winning Global Economist

Erik Brynjolfsson

Leading Authority on the
Economics of IT

Finn Kydland

2004 Joint Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

Flemming Larsen

Former Deputy Director of Research of the IMF & Former Senior Representative of the IMF in Europe

Florence Eid

Founder & CEO of Arabia Monitor

Hamish McRae

Prominent Economist and Futurist

Jacques Attali

President of PlaNet Finance

Jeffrey Garten

Expert on Global Business Strategy and Globalisation

Jeffrey Sachs

Director of The Earth Institute & Special Advisor to United Nations

Jeremy Rifkin

Founder and President, Foundation on Economic Trends

Jim Rogers

Investor and Financial Commentator

José María Figueres Olsen

Chairman of The Carbon War Room;
Former President of Costa Rica;
Former CEO of the World Economic Forum

Joseph Stiglitz

Nobel Prize Winner for Economics

Kate Raworth

Renegade Economist, Creater of Dougnout Economics

Kenneth Rogoff

Professor of Economics at Harvard University & Chess Grandmaster

Kishore Mahbubani

Authority on Asia & Global Affairs

Klaus Schweinsberg

Leading Expert on Strategy and Economic Policy

Leszek Balcerowicz

Former Polish Deputy Prime and Finance Minister & President of the National Bank (until 2006)

Marcello Palazzi

Economist, Foreign Policy Scholar and Business Manager, Global Ambassador for the B Corp Movement

Marga Hoek

International Business and Thought Leader

Mariana Mazzucato

Economics, Finance & Innovation Expert

Marvin Zonis

Political Economist

Muhammad Yunus

Founder of the Grameen Bank & Winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize

Nasser H. Saidi

Leading MENA Economist, Promoting SME Finance, Crowdfunding, Corporate Governance & Clean Energy

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Leading Essayist, Philosopher of Randomness & Researcher

Niall Ferguson

Renowned Expert on Geopolitics and the Global Economy

Nicholas Stern

Leading Global Economist and Chairman of the LSE Grantham Institute

Noreena Hertz

Decision-Making Guru, Economist & Author

Nouriel Roubini

Professor of Economics, NYU's Stern School of Business; Chairman, Roubini Global Economics

Peter Diamond

2010 Nobel Prize Winner in Economic Sciences

Rachel Botsman

Global Thought Leader, Winner of Breakthrough Idea Award of Distinguished Awards for 2015 of Thinkers50

Richard Duncan

Author, Economist, Consultant

Sandra Navidi

Finance & Economics Expert, Founder and CEO of BeyondGlobal

Sony Kapoor

Macroeconomist and Finance Authority, Managing Director of Re-Define

Todd Buchholz

Leading Expert on Financial Markets, Politics and the Economy

Viviane Reding

Member of the European Parliament, Vice President of the European Commission 2010-2014