Flemming Larsen

Flemming Larsen



  • Financial Globalisation and Stability
  • European Economics
  • Monetary Policy & Asset Markets
  • Global Economic Prospects & Risks
  • Outsourcing and Future Sources of Growth

What he offers

Flemming Larsen has directed an extensive program of research on global economic, monetary, and financial questions. In his high content presentations he draws from his broad experience from the International Monetary Fund, where he held different high positions, and working with governments.

How he presents

Flemming is a highly informative and insightful speaker on global and European economics. His wealth of experience and knowledge make him an interesting and provoking speaker at prestigious conferences and seminars.

Flemming Larsen currently acts as an independent advisor and consultant, and speaks frequently on a range of global financial and economic issues. Recent topics have focused on the Sovereign Debt Crisis in the Euro Area, the Disappointing Recovery from the Deepest Recession since the 1930s and The Risk of a New Financial Crisis. He contributes occasionally to a Danish newspaper (Weekendavisen). From 1992-2000 Mr. Larsen had the senior responsibility for the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) World Economic Outlook, the Fund’s flagship publication and probably the most authoritative survey of global economic trends and policy issues.

Flemming served as Director of the IMF’s three European Offices in Paris, Brussels, and Geneva, and as the Fund’s senior representative in Europe. In this function he and his staff represented the IMF in a number of international organizations based in Europe, including the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the World Trade Organization, and the Bank for International Settlements. In 1990-92 Flemming was Division Chief in the European Commission, with responsibility for international monetary affairs. Originally trained as a banker, Mr. Larsen holds degrees from the University of Aarhus, Denmark.


  • IMF World Economic Outlook (1992-2000)


“The conference was exceptional, particularly the high calibre of the speakers (Flemming Larsen and Jacques Attali) and the diversity of cogent views articulated from the platform.”

Presentation Languages: English, French, Danish

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