Ferhat Kentel

Ferhat Kentel



  • Modern Societies, Transformation of Modernity
  • Immigration and New Citizenship
  • Daily Life: Harmony and Creativity
  • Cultural Identities, New Social Movements
  • Sociological View of The Recent History of Turkey
  • Nation-State and Ethnic, Religious Communities
  • City, New Urbanity, City Right

What he offers

Ferhat Kentel is one of the most widely-read and admired Sociologists in Turkey. His ideas have profoundly influenced the society in Turkey recent years. In particular, he analysis modern societies, transformation of modernity, cultural identities, ethnic and religious communities, immigration and new urbanity, harmony and creativity.

How he presents

With a philosophical eye and his characteristic combination of wit and wisdom, Ferhat Kentel’s humorous, articulate and eye opening talks are given with an elegance other speakers might envy.

Prof. Dr. Ferhat Kentel graduated from Department of Business Administration, Middle East Technical University (METU) in 1981, and he did master degree at Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University. Then he got PhD in Ssociology in 1989 from Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales’de (EHESS) in France where he went with scholarship from the Ministry of National Education (MEB) and French government. He was a visiting fellow at CNRS (Centre d’Etudes Interdisciplinaires des Faits Religieux) and visiting lecturer at EHESS and Université de Paris I in France and at University of Durham in England. He worked as a radio host for The Turkish broadcasts of Radio France Internationale (RFI) between 1999-2001 in France. He worked as a lecturer at Marmara University, İstanbul Bilgi Universit and İstanbul Şehir University. He is a member of The European Sociological Association (ESA) and The International Association of French Speaking Sociologists (AISLF).


  • Yeni Bir Dil – Yeni Bir Toplum (2012)
  • Türkiye’de Ermeniler – Cemaat-Birey-Yurttaş (co-author) (2009)
  • Ehlileşmemek, Düzleşmemek, Direnmek (2008)
  • Belçika Türkleri: Türkiye ile Avrupa Birliği Arasında Köprü mü, Engel mi? (co-author) (2008)
  • Milletin Bölünmez Bütünlüğü: Demokratikleşme Sürecinde Parçalayan Milliyetçilik(ler) (co-author) (2007)
  • Euro-Türkler: Türkiye ile Avrupa Birliği Arasında Köprü mü Engel mi? (co-author) (2005)

Presentation Languages: Turkish, French

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