Ege Cansen

Ege Cansen



  • Economics, Wisdom and Ethics
  • Economic Crisis, Causes & Solutions
  • Paradigm Shift in the Turkish Economy
  • Risk Management for Companies

What he offers

With a wealth of national experience in economy and journalism, Ege Cansen is an excellent communicator. With an astute insight into the effects of global economics and politics he is able to use his experience to advise and guide decision makers in corporate organisations.

How he presents

In a light and relaxed way, Ege Cansen illuminates complex issues with great clarity, humor and intelligence.

Ege Cansen was born in Ankara in 1938. Graduated from İzmit High School. Holds B. A. (with honours) in Business Administration from the Middle East Technical University and MBA from Wharton School University of Pennsylvania. Cansen was a columnist on economics at Hurriyet newspaper between 1983-2014. He is currently a columnist at Sözcü newspaper. He has been and still is a TV commentator on economics at Bloomberg TV. Between 1987-1988 for TRT 2 alone, between 2000-2001 with Kerem Alkin and Hurşit Güneş on CNBC-e. He was a member of all time popular “Ekodiyalog” program with Asaf Savaş Akat and Deniz Gökçe on NTV between 2001-2004, later between 2008-2009 with Mahfi Eğilmez “EGE&MAHFİ” and with Burçak Önder “THE COMPANY DOCTOR”. He gave management economics courses at Marmara University Engineering Faculty between 1987-2000. Ege Cansen has been a member of Board of Trustees of Koç University since 2001. Ege Cansen acted as Vice President in Arçelik and Vice-President Industry in Koç Holding. He is now Advisory Member of Anadolu Holding and its Companies and Evyap Holding.


  • He has been chosen as the “Economics Columnist of the year” by the students of Mülkiye of Ankara University in 2007
  • He has been chosen as the “Economics Columnist of the year” by Economist magazine in 2003
  • He has been chosen as the “Economics Columnist of the year” by Bursa Industrialists and Businessmen in 2002
  • He has been chosen as the “Economics Columnist of the year” by MUSİAD in 2001
  • He received Outstanding Service Award from Middle East Technical University in 1991 for his contributions to the Turkish industry


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Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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