Eddie Obeng

Eddie Obeng



  • Inventing Tomorrow: Innovation/ Building a Culture, Creativity, Visioning
  • Delivering Tomorrow: Change, Programme and Project Management, Risk Removal
  • Leading Organised Talent: Leadership in Complexity, Virtual Organisations
  • Emotional Resilience and Personal Resilience in Difficult Times
  • People-Centred Future of Work
  • Productivity
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Digitally Transform Successfully
  • Immersive Virtual Reality – Profitable Best Practice
  • Your Leadership Toolkit
  • Banish “The Skills Gap” – Digitally enable People, upload Capability, Think Together. Work “Out Loud”
  • Agility & Simplicity – From Local/Project Agile to Global/Cultural Agile

What he offers

If you’re after the ‘same old – same old’ Eddie is not the speaker for you. Using his extensive experience and insights he will challenge your perceptions and help you to see the new reality. But more than just ‘talking concepts’ he will use examples from real life client assignments to illustrate and explain, proving, in his words that “The future is now because most of us are already late!”. Eddie is a genuine leader. He has the ability to bring a presentation to life, engage and involve the audience often on a tough thinking journey. Eddie’s legendary reputation for injecting energy means he is often offered the tough post-lunch ‘graveyard’ slot at many conferences.

How he presents

Eddie is an exciting, energising, thought-provoking, rigorous and humorous speaker, outspoken and direct, highly inspiring and never afraid to be controversial. His captivating presentations are incredibly energetic and he is renowned as a powerful presenter and a wonderful speaker.

Professor Eddie Obeng is Founder Director of Pentacle the world’s first virtual business school and the first organisation to offer an integrated management approach specifically designed to meet the challenges of our fast changing, complex 21st century. He was previously an Executive Director at Ashridge Management College, having begun his career with Shell. Professor Obeng pioneered the concept of the ‘New World’ throughout the 1990’s. He is a Professor at the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Henley Business School. He won the Sir Monty Finniston Award for lifetime achievement by The Association of Project Managers for his contributions to the study and practice of Project Management in 2011.

He has been described variously as “a leading revolutionary” and “an agent provocateur” by the Financial Times, and by Abbey National as their “secret weapon”. Eddie and his team have spent the best part of a decade re-writing the fundamentals of business management to create their own coherent, joined up New World approach. They have challenged all the established thinking from strategy as environmental fit to ‘hero’ leaders and re-interpreted the needs for the 21st century of complexity and fast change. Eddie brings genuinely new concepts, materials and practice.


  • Innovation: It’s a Project Jim, but not as we know it! (2010)
  • The Complete Leader (2008)
  • Who Killed the Spark? (2007)
  • Evolve Dominate or Die (2007)
  • Cybersense (2006)
  • Organisational Magic (2006)
  • Money Making Machine (2002)
  • Never Re-organise Again (2001)
  • New Rules for the New World (1997)
  • All Change! (1995)


  • In 2011, Sir Monty Finniston Award for lifetime achievement by The Association of Project Managers


“Agent provocateur and a …leading revolutionary.”

“High energy, inspiring, thought provoking and highly effective.”

“Eddie was excellent. He is a passionate, lively and humorous presenter, along with being dynamic, energetic and funny.”

“Excellent, very enthusiastic and fun.”

“The Eclectic Guru”

“Unusual as an academic to back his ideas with his own Money.”

“Prof. Eddie Obeng was brilliant. It was wonderful to hear from such an energetic and charismatic speaker.”

“To open with such an innovative humorous man as Eddie Obeng was so refreshing. Brilliant!Could listen to him all day.”

Presentation Languages: English

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