Duygu Demirdağ

Duygu Demirdağ



  • Master of Ceremony
  • Moderating & Presenting
  • Media and Communication Management

What she offers

Duygu Demirdağ is one of the Turkey’s best known television personalities. She is a stylish, versatile and relaxed performer who is in great demand as a presenter and host at prestigious events.

How she presents

Duygu Demirdağ brings a unique presence and charisma to any event with her elegant style.

Duygu Demirdağ has worked for CNN Türk news channel as prime time news presenter. Before that she worked as a reporter for three years. In the meantime, she found the chance to get experience in the field through some of the most important events and trials of the recent past in Turkey such as Balyoz, Ergenekon and Hrant Dink Trials, Gezi Park Protests, Van Earthquake, the political tension with Syria, refugee flow to the southeast border –especially in Hatay and the conditions of the refugee camps, oncoming general election and the tendencies of people in different areas in the country.

She also made news series about the issues like changing conservatism in Turkey which has developed a significant market and a luxurious new life style, the settlement of terror in the Southeast area of Turkey, the current situation of urban transformation projects in historical neighbourhoods of Istanbul, the perception of youth and the reality it creates in Turkey, energy and enviroment policies and investments of the current government, and lastly economic crisis in Greece. Besides, she finds pleasurable to produce our own issue as well as being up to date. Therefore, news about life, stories of man in the Street, culture and art is a door to that way, or at least a threshold. Kültür-Sanat (Culture & Art) has a special meaning for her which she had made by making special interviews with artists, journalists and academics the first years of her career for the website of CNN Türk –cnnturk.com.

She closely witnesses the rapid change with full acceleration in the political and social conjuncture in the modern Turkey. It is not only about the happenings within the national borders, but also she can see how the happenings in the neighbour countries –particularly Arab Springs, wars, change of regimes and unstable political and social situations in the Middle East directly and indirectly influence Turkey as well. Therefore, she would really like to deeply analyse and practically report the social process.

Duygu Demirdağ has presented a three-hour main news bulletin of which she is also co-editor, because it’s not only about presenting the news but also making the news, interviews and special files that she takes pleasure in doing. After  CNN Türk, Duygu Demirdağ presented the news program ‘Doğrudan Haber’ on Olay TV.


“Thank you so much for being our moderator for the III. Sustainable Finance Forum. We have received extremely positive feedback about your moderation. Therefore, we want to indicate that we are very pleased to work with you.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English, Spanish

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