Didem Mollaoğlu

Didem Mollaoğlu



  • Facing Yourself: The Key to Others’ Transformation is You
  • Courage and Not Giving Up
  • Reaching Your Inner Happiness
  • Loving Yourself As You Are

What she offers

Based on her experiences and confrontations during her trip, Didem draws attention to essential details in life that most of us either underestimate or ignore.

How she presents

By combining humour and drama, Didem presents with her unique narration style that inspires audience from all levels.

Born in Samsun in 1978, Didem Mollaoğlu spent her childhood and adolescence in Karadeniz Ereğli. She attended TED Kdz. Ereğli College during her primary and secondary education and earned her bachelor’s degree at Ankara University Communication Faculty, Department of Public Relations and Advertising.

She worked for brands such as SAP Turkey, Mavi Jeans, Nike Turkey, Garanti Payment Systems, Pernod Ricard during her career in different PR agencies. In 2010, she started working at Turkcell Global Bilgi as a Corporate Communications Specialist until 2016. Upon the termination of her duty at Turkcell, she sold her belongings and set out for the journey she dreamt of. She travelled across Asia and Australia for 16 months.

She now shares her experiences she gained during this 16 month journey under the title of “Lessons from My Journey”.

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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