Derya Türkkorkmaz

Derya Türkkorkmaz



  • Future Leadership: Agility, Digitalization and Innovation
  • TALENT 4.0 & AGILITY 4.0
  • Creating an Innovation Culture
  • Return on Investment of Digitalization
  • In-House Entrepreneurship Models
  • Create Meaning in Work
  • Fun and Productivity Relationship in Business
  • Business Intelligence and Process Optimization
  • Leadership Communication
  • New Competence Models

What she offers

As a leading expert on Talent 4.0 in Turkey, Derya Türkkorkmaz shares a visionary, innovative and futurist insight with the audience.

How she presents

Türkkorkmaz enriches her presentations with cases from both real life and academy.

Derya Türkkorkmaz was born in Istanbul, 1977. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a Master degree in Career Counselling from University of Istanbul. She has been pursuing her doctorate in Sociology of Organizations Structures and studying the effects of Industry 4.0 on organizational culture and continues her thesis studies in this field.

Ms. Türkkorkmaz started her business life in 2000 after completing her language education in the UK. In 2008, she was appointed as Managing Director of Kelly Services Inc., one of the world’s biggest human resources companies that has implemented the temporary workforce for the first time in history and has made a significant leap in her career. Due to the global economic crisis in 2009, Kelly Services has decided to close its operations in four countries, including Turkey; Derya Türkkorkmaz has acquired the operation in Turkey, improved its range of services and became the founding president of ManAsset with its new name. In 2017, ManAsset expanded its business to abroad and opened its first overseas branch in London. The expertise areas are; efficiency in HR processes, HR audit preparation, digital HR transformation, HR analytics, norm staff optimization, HR business intelligence and process excellence, creation innovation culture, outsourcing services, assessment and effective performance systems, which they have been executing in Turkey for 10 years. In the same year, they signed another first together with FYK Technology in İzmir Teknokent. They brought together their experiences in the field of digital transformation, mobile application and sociology of organization and launched WinnerInno brand which offers the most effective, fast and fun solution of creating an innovation culture. Derya Türkkorkmaz, the co-founder of the London-based second-brands WinnerInno, also gives lectures at various universities in her field, works in non-governmental organizations, talks about Industry 4.0, talent 4.0, future strategies, digital transformation of Human Resources and innovation.


Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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