Defne Sarısoy

Defne Sarısoy



  • Moderating & Presenting
  • Effective Speaking & Body Language Training
  • Media Relations Training
  • “Life Communication” Seminar on Personal Development & Communication

What she offers

Defne Sarısoy has presented, chaired, hosted, moderated and facilitated programmes, conferences and live events for a diverse range of clients across many sectors. Whether your goal is to focus the discussion, tap into expert insight, communicate a company’s vision clearly or recognise achievement, as an independent presenter, Defne Sarısoy plays a key role in ensuring that your live event is compelling, engaging, imaginative, innovative and inspiring, making her an excellent facilitator and speaker.

How she presents

As a speaker and moderator, Defne Sarısoy’s charming personality, wit and wisdom captivate the audience and her interaction with them provides relaxed and constructive question and answer sessions.

Defne Sarısoy was born in 1968. She graduated from the T.E.D Ankara Koleji and received her degree from the Department of Italian Language and Literature of Ankara University. While still a university student, she worked for the magazine Aktüel and also for women’s magazines brought out by the publishing house 1 Numara Yayıncılık, doing translations from English and Italian, as well as interviews on women and health.

At the time when private TV channels were being created in Turkey, she started to work for Flash TV. In addition to working as presenter and correspondent, she prepared programmes on women, youth, healthy living and education. Sarısoy started working for Star TV in 1993, acting as presenter as well as preparing the programmes “Yakın Takip” (“Hot Pursuit”) and “Kırmızı Koltuk” (“The Red Chair”). She worked as prime-time anchorwoman at Kanal D between 1995 and 1997. In 1997 she took radio-television courses at Westminster University in London.

She started working for NTV in 1999, where, for three years, she was anchor for the main news bulletin, called “Prime-time News”. She prepared and presented a programme called “Sıra Sizde” (“Your Turn”) on the work of NGO’s, as well as health programmes within the framework of the Campaign to Prevent Mothers’ and Infants’ Deaths. She also helped prepare and presented the programme “Dünyaya Bakış” (“World Outlook”), dealing with foreign affairs. For two years, she wrote for the readers of NTV-MSNBC Portal on issues high on the agenda, carrying out interviews with experts and renowned figures. She acted as editor and presenter for the programmes “Güzel Pazar” (“Nice Sunday”) and “Güzel Günler” (“Beautiful Days”), as well as presenting, together with Professor Osman Müftüoğlu, the health programmes “Yaşasın Hayat” (“Long Live Life”) and “Hayatın Senin Elinde” (“Your Life is in Your Hands”). Having worked for NTV for many years as producer, editor and anchor, Defne Sarısoy quit working for that channel and began to work as freelance programmer. She started working for TRT HABER (TRT NEWS) in 2010 and she presented the programmes called “Hayat+” (“Life+”), “Defne Sarısoy’la 10’dan Sonra” (After 10 am with Defne Sarısoy”), “Günlük” (“Diary”) and “Ekonomik Tarifler” (“Economic Recipes”).

Between 2005 and 2007, she taught courses on “Television Presenting in Practice” and “The Use of Language in the Media” at the Faculty of Communication of Istanbul Commerce University. She acts as Master of Ceremonies at private conferences and meetings. She gives lectures on personal development and presentation techniques. She still acts as Communication Consultant and Coach.


  • Courageous Woman Award, 2nd ANGIAD Women’s Platfrom Awards
  • Best Female Presenter of the Year (twice), Magazine Journalists Assoc.
  • Best Female News Presenter, Rotaract Clubs
  • Achievement Award, Diyalog
  • Best Anchorwoman of the Year, İstek Trust Schools
  • Presenter with Best Turkish Language Skills, Municipality of Karaman
  • Courageous Woman Award, İstanbul Culture University
  • Best News Presenter, i-Medya News Portal
  • Most Popular News Presenter, Arı Schools


“Mrs. Defne was very successful like every year. Her authority during the congress was wonderful.”

“Her performance was excellent. The content was really good as we expected. Her speaking style was great. She was appreciated a lot by all participants.”

“Mrs. Defne’s performance was perfect. She was very successful like every year. Her speaking style was impressive, fluent and successful. Her authority during the congress was extremely good. ”

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English, Italian

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