David Allison

David Allison



  • How To Captivate a Target Audience
  • Disrupting Demographics: Welcome to the Post-Demographic World
  • What Will They Do Next? Predicting the Future with Behavioral Science
  • Pandemic Recovery: What Can You Do to Thrive in the New Economy?
  • The Same But Different: A Global View of Our Shared Human Values
  • Understanding Generation Z
  • Marketing: Engage Your Target Audience with The Most Powerful Target Audience Insights on Earth
  • Human Resources: How to Attract and Keep the Best Talent in Your Industry
  • Leadership: What Every Great Leader Needs to Know
  • Future: The Data You Need Today to Plan for Tomorrow

What he offers

David uses human behavior data to show your audience how to engage and influence whoever they want to reach. How does this work? Humans are hardwired to chase after what they value, so when you know the values your target audience shares you know how to get their attention. Data like this has never been available before, and will drastically change how your event participants think about marketing, human resources, leadership, and the future.

How he presents

Organizers say: “He is a superstar!” and “Brought tears to my eyes!” Event participants call him: “Fun to listen to!” and “Passionate and knowledgeable!” His energetic presentations on a stage or on a screen are filled with fun and facts; a rare combination of great content plus an incredibly engaging style.

David Allison is the behavioral science pioneer behind Valuegraphics: a powerful disruptive influence that can change the world.

Valuegraphics makes it possible, for the first time in history, to identify the shared values of any group of people and unleash enormous passion and power. He shows organizations as wide-ranging as the United Nations to global consumer brands how to harness that energy to captivate attention and influence what people do next.

David spent 20 years working at a succession of marketing firms and in senior roles with luxury brands until launching his own marketing company. In 2015 he sold his firm, and began work on Valuegraphics. His latest book was a best-seller within 24 hours of release, and INC Magazine named it one of the ten best leadership books of the year.


“He blew us away! Sparked great discussions! Highly recommended!”

“He is a born storyteller and people love him.”

“Audiences could listen to him all day.”

“World Education Congress attendees loved him!”

“Engaging, thought-provoking and overall fantastic.”

“A natural onstage, left everyone wanting more. An asset to any event.”

“Amazing delivery on stage! Hit it out of the park!!”

Presentation Languages: English

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