Cor Molenaar

Cor Molenaar



  • Changes in People’s Behaviour
  • Impact of e-Marketing in Organisations
  • Internet, Distance Shopping, Web Strategies
  • IT Related Topics Based on Communication, Internet and Customers
  • CRM, Direct Marketing and One-to-one Marketing

What he offers

Cor Molenaar puts people in the centre of all the changes that are occurring in society and companies. He brings a unique blend of vision, education and corporate expertise to customer focused business. His work is recognised not only on the business front, but in academia and research as well. He has a proven track record in helping companies to develop valuable customer relationships and an astute understanding of the top management perspective. All of his presentations are tailored to the needs of the client.

How he presents

Cor Molenaar is a dynamic speaker, a brilliant strategist, and brings tremendous know-how with his impressive presentations. With enthusiasm, involvement and filled with humour and skill, he takes audiences along on a journey to the new world, sketching future developments in a practical manner.

Cor Molenaar is a Strategic Consultant, specialised in the development of e-marketing strategies and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Bridging the gap between marketing and technology, he advises organisations on the commercial application of Internet and CRM. He is a professor for the chair of E-Marketing at the Business Administration faculty of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Cor Molenaar completed several studies in the field of economics, marketing and information technology. In 1992 he completed a Masters in Change Management from the Free University in Amsterdam, and presented a highly informative paper on the Application of Information Technology in Marketing in 1997. An experienced force in marketing, Cor founded Ogilvy and Mather Dataconsulting and was instrumental in creating the Flying Dutchman air-miles campaign for KLM airlines. He is a leader in his field: the tension between sociology, technology and marketing. He is not only conducting academical research on this matter, but also advising companies.


  • The end of Shops – Social Buying and the Battle for the Customer (2013)
  • e-Marketing (2011)
  • Shopping 3.0 – Shopping, the Internet or Both (2010)
  • Surviving the Internet (2007)
  • Change of Power, the Way our Conduct Changes in a Virtual World (2005)
  • The Impact of the I-culture (nominated for the title Best Management book 2003) (2003)
  • The Future of Marketing (2001)
  • e-Strategy (translated into six languages) (2000)


  • Awarded The Netherlands Direct Marketer of The Year Award in 1994

Presentation Languages: English, Dutch

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