Cengiz Aktar

Cengiz Aktar



  • Turkey’s EU Perspective: Achievements, Challenges and Possibilities
  • Turkey’s Foreign Policy: Present State of Affairs and Perspectives Ahead
  • UN and EU Migration and Asylum Policies

What he offers

Cengiz Aktar analyzes Turkey’s economic, political, social and cultural dynamics and shares his thoughts regarding the future in the light of his knowledge and experience gained during his time in the United Nations where he held senior positions and his long years of studies on the European Union.

How he presents

He brings value to the meetings with his vast knowledge, strong oratory skills and expression style that simplifies the language of international relations, politics, diplomacy and law.

Dr Cengiz Aktar (1955) studied economics at Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne following his education at Galatasaray High School. He completed his master’s degree in economic anthropology and doctorate on development economics at the same university. Joining the United Nations in 1984, Aktar served as the Representative of the Republic of Slovenia for the UN from 1994 to 1999.

Aktar has been concentrating his work on the European Union since 1989 and he has actively participated in the EU preparatory process of Slovenia by leading the legislation of five harmonization laws. In 1999, he moved to Istanbul with the aim of contributing to Turkey’s membership process and returned to academia. Aktar particularly observed the EU enlargement process and the status of Turkey closely and joined the European Research Center at Galatasaray University where he served as a lecturer. He gave lectures in Turkey and abroad. He advised public and private institutions on EU matters, wrote articles in newspapers and magazines, and produced radio and TV programs.

In order to create public opinion towards the implementation of the necessary political reforms in compliance with the Copenhagen Political Criteria for Turkey’s speedy inclusion in the negotiation process, he launched a civil initiative called “European Movement 2002″ in January 2002.

Around the same time he revealed that Turkey as a candidate country could have applied for EU’s European Capital of Culture program. Thanks to this initiative Istanbul was designated to hold the title in 2010.

Retired from the UN in 2005, Cengiz Aktar chaired the Bahçeşehir University European Union Center. He worked as a columnist in Vatan and Turkish Daily newspapers and as the director of Defne Turkish-Greek friendship society.  Cengiz Aktar also has numerous articles published in various newspapers and magazines in three languages on EU and Turkey-EU relations.

He is currently a lecturer at the University of Athens (National and Kapodistrian) Faculty of Turkish Studies and Modern Asian Studies.

Published Works

  • Ademimerkeziyet Elkitabı, 2014
  • Tarihî, Siyasî, Dinî ve Hukukî Açıdan Ekümenik Patrikhane, 2011
  • Lettres aux Turco-sceptiques, 2004
  • Avrupa Okumaları, 2003
  • Avrupa’nın Genişleme Süreci, 2002
  • Avrupa Yol Ayrımında Türkiye, 2001
  • Türkiye’nin Batılılaştırılması, 1993
  • Occidentalisation de la Turquie, 1986

Presentation Languages: Turkish, French, English

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