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Cem Kozlu

Cem Kozlu



  • “Leader’s Toolbox”: Management Skills

What he offers

Based on his own success story he shows you, how stretching your approach to embrace the borderline between traditional and avant-garde thinking you can increase your potential. Exploring the often fine line between opposing forces – like success and failure – he tempts you into a new world of possibilities.

How he presents

As aspeaker known for challenging outmoded beliefs, heuses videos, and provocative ideasto get the audience involved in his unique, customized presentations. In his keynotes, he challenges traditional assumptions about power, authority, status and achieving success. Emphasizing that personal leadership is key to competitiveness, he aims to teach executives that the leader’s job is to “shape what might be, not serve what is.”

Dr. Kozlu has been holding various positions in The Coca-Cola Company since 1996. He joined the company as Managing Director, Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asian Republics Operations, based in Istanbul. In 2000, Mr. Kozlu moved to Vienna to become President of The Company’s Central Europe & Eurasia Group. His responsibilities were expanded to include the Middle East in March 2001 through 2006. Since then, Mr. Kozlu has been serving as Consultant to Coca-Cola Eurasia&Africa Group.

Before joining The Coca-Cola Company, Dr. Kozlu served as a Member of Parliament in the Turkish Grand National Assembly (1991-1995) and headed Turkish Airlines as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (1988-1991) and as Chairman (1997-2003). He served as President to Association of European Airlines in 1990.

In his earlier professional life, Dr. Kozlu served as Managing Director of Komili Holding A.S. (1985-1988), Managing Director of Komili Marketing & Foreign Trade Co. (1976-1985), Marketing Manager of Procter & Gamble in Geneva, Switzerland (1973-1976) and Marketing Specialist in the National Cash Register Co. in Granville, Ohio (1971 -1973).

Engaging in teaching assignments at Bosphorus University in İstanbul as well as Denison University in Ohio, U.S.A. Dr. Kozlu has also published eight books on business and economics, including a college textbook on International Marketing.

He holds a B.A. from Denison University, an MBA from Stanford University, a Ph.D in Administrative Sciences from the Bosphorus University, as well as an honorary doctorate from Denison University.

Dr. Kozlu is currently the Chairman of Noktacom Media and Internet Sevices Co. in Ankara and Evyap Asia, based in Singapore. He also serves on the boards of the following Istanbul based organizations: Coca-Cola Satış ve Dağıtım A.Ş.; Anadolu Industry Holding; Efes Brewery and Malt Industry; Kamil Yazıcı Management and Consultancy Co.; Pegasus Airlines and The Marmara Hotels&Residences. He serves as a consultant to Do&Co Restaurants&Catering Co.

He is a trustee of the following institutions: Anadolu-Johns Hopkins Health Center and Istanbul Modern Arts Foundation.


  • Uluslararası Pazarlama
  • Türkiye Mucizesi için Vizyon Arayışları ve Asya Modelleri
  • Kurumsal Kültür
  • Sogo-Soşa (Dışa Açılmada Bir Japon Dersi)
  • Öfke’den Çözüm’e
  • Bulutların Üstüne Tırmanırken
  • Liderin Takım Çantası
  • Avrupa’ya Hayır Diyebilen Türkiye


“Mr. Cem is a very good speaker. It was very useful that he shared his memories. He was modest and he had good communicaton with the participants. He was appreciated a lot.”

“Cem Kozlu is a perfect professional. His speaking content is wonderful. He contributed to the success of meeting with his awesome style.”

“He is highly experienced in management and leadership. We were impressed very much. He met our expectation and his presentation was interesting.”

“Even we jus t met Mr. Kozlu for three times we were excited like for the first time. He was very candid. He stayed with us 45 minutes more to answer the participan’s questions although the allocated time was finished. We want to thank him very much for being here.”

“It was very precious to listen Cem Kozlu and benefit from his experience. Definitely the presentation was extremely efficient and useful. It was an incredible leadership course. Absolutely, it should be continued.”

“The presentation was very impressive and good with the examples from the life. We were amazed by Mr. Cem’s knowledge and modesty. It was one of the best trainings we have ever attended.”

“His performance was perfect. The content of his presentation was very good and useful. His style was quiet and understandable.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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