Burak Arzova


  • Up to date Analysis of Turkey and the World Economy
  • Opportunities and Risks in the World and Turkish Economy in 2021
  • Post-Pandemic New Economic Order
  • Effective Cost Management in Businesses
  • Economic Problems and Solutions in Agriculture
  • Agriculture and Interest-Free Financing

What he offers

With his academic career and real sector experience, Prof. Dr. Burak Arzova closely monitors Turkey and World Economy and shares his view both on the Turkish and World Economy. He shares his knowledge and experience with the participants, he takes into account the  multidimensional structure of the economy and analyzes how the future will be shaped. He also shares his knowledge and experience in the field of agriculture and interprets current agricultural economic data.

How he presents

He presents his views on the current economy in the light of the most up-to-date graphics and data, in a way that even those without economic knowledge can easily understand. He draws the participants into the subject with a dynamic presentation technique. In his presentations, he shares his analysis and offers his solutions for problematic areas.

Born in Istanbul in 1970, Burak Arzova attended Saint-Benoit French High School and subsequently completed his Bachelor’s Degree at Marmara University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration, Department of Accounting and Finance from 1990 to 1994. He started his academic career as a Research Assistant in 1994 and he completed his Doctorate in 2000, became an Assistant Professor in 2001 and an Associate Professor in 2004. He was appointed as Professor in 2009 and he is still a faculty member at Marmara University Faculty of Business Administration.

Dr. Arzova worked as a Research Scholar during the 2019-2020 academic year at Long Island University in New York City, United States and his research fields include Economics, Financial Economics and Business.  In 2018, he attended the Key West Conference On Business, Economics, Finance & Accounting Conference, where he won the Best Presentation award.

Arzova served as a Member of the Economic Advisory Board of MUSIAD between 2011-2015 and is a project member of PUMAX, which is a think tank of MUSIAD, as well as a member of MODAV and MUFAD. He is also a member of the ITO Economy Advisory Board since 2016.

He is the author or co-author of 19 nationally and internationally published books besides cited scientific articles. He is currently working on a project entitled the Climate Change Report and appears as an economy commentator on Bloomberg HT TV channel twice a week.


  • Rumlar ve Ticaret: Elen Ticaret Mektebi (2020)
  • Hesap İşleri – Mali Bilirkişi Rapor Örnekleri (2020)
  • Hellenic Trade School of Halki: The Greeks and Trade (2020)
  • Dış Ticaret İşlemleri ve Muhasebesi (2017)
  • İflasın Ertelenmesi ve Borca Batıklık Bilançosu (2016) with Yavas, M., Kucuk, B.
  • Finansal Muhasebe Uygulamaları (2015)
  • İyileştirme Projelerinin Hazırlanması (2015)
  • Finansal Muhasebe Uygulamaları Vol:2 (2012) with Ceyhan S.
  • Finansal Muhasebe (Cilt I) (2011)
  • İthalat Hakkında Her Şey (2009)
  • Muhasebe Teorisi (2009)
  • İhracat Hakkında Her Şey (2006)
  • Faaliyet Tabanlı Maliyet Yönetimi (2002)
  • Barter İşlemleri (2000)
  • Uluslararası Ticaret, Alternatif Finansman Teknikleri ve Muhasebeleştirilmesi, Ticari Yazışma Örnekleri (2000) with Menemen M.

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English, French

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