Bülent Kutlu

Bülent Kutlu



  • Digital Transformation
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Customer Experience
  • Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing
  • Information Technologies Management (CIO)
  • Smart Cities & Smart Buildings
  • Big Data , AI & Cognitive Systems
  • Mobile Technologies , Gamification
  • Blockchain and Its Impacts
  • Digital Banking

What he offers

Believing in “good things do not happen by wishing for them, you must do something to make it happen”, Bülent Kutlu makes inspiring and illuminating speeches on Digital World with his unique style and experiences, by foreseeing the near future. By emphasizing the importance of science and technology, he aims at raising the awareness on what will contribute to our country’s development. He pioneered in developing significant trends regarding digital world in our country.

How he presents

His experience and comments on the near future make his presentations absorbing and memorable. With his improvisations and various visual materials, he keeps the audience in the game and motivates them.

Born in 1971 in Ankara, Bulent Kutlu graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Computer Engineering in 1992. Through the years 1992-93, he moved to London to further his academic career.

He started his career as a software and telecommunication engineer at Nortel Networks (now Netas) in 1993.  Between 1997-2005, he was IT director at Finansbank group and affiliated financial institutions.

In 2004, he pioneered the foundation of the Wishnee social media platform which is a first in the world and in Turkey under the motto of the Turkish Society Network. He conducted briefings for Turkish investors regarding the crucial place of Social Media in the future and the investment that must be done in this area.

In 2005, he was appointed as the technology director to Oyakbank (later ING Bank). He carried out important projects for the bank in the areas of digitalization and technology security. For approximately 6 years, he performed as the senior technology manager at ING Bank.

In 2010, he became the founding member of TUBIYAD, the Finance and Information Technologies Managers association. Currently he acts as the General Secretary for TUBIYAD.

In 2011, he was appointed as the general manager of Wishnee AG, a Switzerland-origin mobile business development and software company.  He carried out crucial mobile projects in the company. He pioneered the development of mobile games that are played all over the world.

In 2013, he became the general manager of Mobile Anons where all social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, etc.) were integrated, which was positioned as the campaign platform for several companies in Turkey. In 2016, he was appointed as the CEO of Beeway Group, which contains Teknik Kasa, Beeway Systems, and Mobile Anons.

He led the foundation of CDO Turkey in 2014 in order to facilitate the adaptation of companies operating in Turkey to the digital transformation trend that is becoming widely popular in global companies. As of today, he is executive board president at CDO Turkey

Bulent Kutlu has been offering mentorship and consultancy services to important institutions in order to ensure appropriate positioning of CDOs (Chief Digital Officer) who will undertake significant roles in Digital Transformation and the future of companies, as well as of the affiliated teams within the company.

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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