Berke Sarpaş

Berke Sarpaş

Berke Sarpaş



  • Mission Guided Leadership
  • Goal Orientation and Unity Consciousness
  • Brain Wheels and Neurotransmitter Effects
  • Topological Thinking and Creativity
  • The Formula of Determination and Mental Resilience

What he offers

Berke Sarpaş, the creator of “EntreWarrior”, acknowledged as the first interdisciplinary entrepreneurship programme, gives inspiring lessons on the real entrepreneurship perspective, in-company entrepreneurship behaviors and components as well as ambition, courage, visionary prospects and values. Additionally, he shares his experiences on B2B marketing and e-commerce, of which he is an expert, through practices and sample approaches.

How he presents

Excitement, energy, humor, inspiration and motivation always leave a mark to Berke Sarpaş’s speeches. Using real life stories, sample cases, live practices, different methods and strategies while conveying his views and experiences, Sarpaş always tells the topics through blending them with other disciplines.

Berke Sarpaş graduated from Bilkent University and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). He founded the first e-entrepreneurship & e-commerce training & consultancy company of Turkey in 2006, trained the first e-commerce experts and has given speeches in thousands of conferences. He served as a producer and secretary general in the organization of Turkey’s first Digital Economy E-Commerce Summit and Expo. The second year of the summit has attracted 260 companies and 1400 participants in total. Having established Sarpaş Consultancy Inc. in 2013 and being an accredited trainer of the Ministry of Economy, a Google Regional Trainer and a speaker of CSA (Celebrity Speakers Agency) Turkey, Berke is married with one child. Sarpaş is the creator of the unique multidisciplinary entrepreneurship bootcamp “EntreWarrior” Program and member of the board of trustees of the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation.

Published Articles:

  • About Love, Wisdom and Courage
  • 7 Techniques To Grow-Up Your Kid As An Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurship and Harmony in Animal Life
  • Prison Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Design in Entrepreneurship
  • Censor in Internet
  • Apple’s Owner
  • New Order
  • Laws of B2B Commerce in Africa
  • Rise Of The Machines
  • Digital Cities


“Berke is one of the pioneers to establish an educational institution on e-commerce and entrepreneurship in Turkey and is an entrepreneur  who initiated one of the first e-commerce activities. He is an accomplished trainer holding impressive public speaking and presentation skills. He has also contributed significantly to the context of our sector, by putting the Digital Economy E-Commerce Summit into practice in 2011.”​​​ Sina Afra / Founder of Markafoni

​”I had a chance to hear a presentation of Berke in the Entrepreneurship Conference coordinated jointly by Garanti and KAGIDER. Holding the experience and knowledge of the sector, he is pretty competent in terms of technical and business processes in enterprises. He responds to the questions both by bringing a solution through examples and directing by bringing different initiatives. He keeps the interest of the audience alive thanks to his fluency in expression. By adding his personal experiences, he broadens the horizon of the audience, as well as encouraging them. He makes his presentation, which is visually very succesful, in an entertaining and surprising manner, by including every detail. I can assure the ones who will listen to him will leave the conference by adopting the main themes Berke referred to, as principles of their lives.” Sanem Oktar / President of KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey)

​​​”Berke Sarpaş participated in our Futurists meeting as a keynote speaker,  in Microsoft-Turkey, in  2009. He delivered a pleasant speech  with stories and anecdotes on digital commerce. Berke is  quite an entertaining and articulate speaker. I also believe that the large number of entrepreneurship events he has been carrying out since 2007 has been very useful to many.” Ufuk Tarhan / Former President of the Association of Futurists

“I had the opportunity to hear Berke Sarpaş’s several presentation and speech. In terms of understanding the digital age that we currently live in, I made use of his thoughts significantly. Along with his visionary approaches, articles, speeches and presentations on theoretical issues; the fact that he puts the things he teach into practice himself, he gives real life examples in his speeches and his ability to implement his thoughts into his life immediately, made a great impact on me. He is one of the few exceptional people I know who delivers such influential speeches.” Emre Civelek / Author of İnternet Çağı Dinamikleri (Dynamics of the Internet Age) and İnternet Ticareti (Internet Commerce)

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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