Berke Sarpaş

Berke Sarpaş

Berke Sarpaş



  • Mission Guided Leadership
  • Goal Orientation and Unity Consciousness
  • Brain Wheels and Neurotransmitter Effects
  • Topological Thinking and Creativity
  • The Formula of Determination and Mental Resilience

What he offers

Berke Sarpaş is the creator of “Entrepreneurship Warrior”, recognized as one of the first multi-disciplinary entrepreneurship programs in the world and he talks about ways to make a difference in the new age in terms of objective orientation, resolution, nature of the brain and mental resilience, with an inspiring and dynamic style.

How he presents

Enthusiasm, energy, humor, inspiration, and motivation mark virtually all of Berke Sarpaş’s presentations. Sarpaş draws on real-life stories, sample cases, live exercises, and various methods and strategies when communicating his ideas to the audience, blending them with the developments in different disciplines to represent the subject matter as a whole. In his presentations, Sarpaş grounds his thoughts on biological facts, research outcomes, and scientific findings.

Berke Sarpaş graduated from Bilkent University and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). He founded the first e-entrepreneurship & e-commerce training & consultancy company of Turkey in 2006, trained the first e-commerce experts and has given speeches in thousands of conferences. He served as a producer and secretary general in the organization of Turkey’s first Digital Economy E-Commerce Summit and Expo. The second year of the summit has attracted 260 companies and 1400 participants in total. Having established Sarpaş Consultancy Inc. in 2013 and being an accredited trainer of the Ministry of Economy, a Google Regional Trainer and a speaker of CSA (Celebrity Speakers Agency) Turkey, Berke is married with one child. Sarpaş is the creator of the unique multidisciplinary entrepreneurship bootcamp “EntreWarrior” Program and member of the board of trustees of the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation.

Published Articles:

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  • Prison Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Design in Entrepreneurship
  • Censor in Internet
  • Apple’s Owner
  • New Order
  • Laws of B2B Commerce in Africa
  • Rise Of The Machines
  • Digital Cities


“Berke Sarpaş is highly skilled in opening your mind, challenging the boundaries of your thoughts, broadening your vision and giving inspiration. He is a mentor who has adopted the philosophy of entrepreneurship as a philosophy of life and is profoundly dedicated to his work. In his presentations, he always bases his each one of his statements and thoughts on concrete evidence and scientific evidence; he leaves nothing hanging in the air. If you want to receive an intensive, qualified and high-energy training with permanent results, I strongly recommend you to meet Berke Sarpaş. He knows how to make you question your purpose and objectives in life to open new doors and he is absolutely untiring.”​ Leyla Alaton / Alarko Holding Executive Board Member

“Berke is one of the pioneers of entrepreneurship in Turkey, he started creative and remarkable in entrepreneurship before entrepreneurship even had a name in Turkey… He is one of the people who are working relentlessly to design the future of entrepreneurship, rather than trying to forecast it. He founded the first e-commerce and e-entrepreneurship school in Turkey and raised the first experts in the field. Berke is a true role model and a “T-human”. He is a true “Entrepreneurship Warrior” who has constantly evolved in the new world order, broadening and transforming his vision into value and results. In my experience, he is one of the best trainers in communicating his knowledge with an interactive and applied style. I am happy to know him and find the opportunity to work with him.”​ Ufuk Tarhan / Futurist and Author of “T-İnsan”

“With his training sessions, Berke virtually opens up people’s senses, transforms them into a bow ready to spring out of the arc and maximizes self-confidence in the participants!” Faruk Eczacıbaşı / Eczacıbaşı Holding, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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