Baskın Oran


  • Nationalism
  • Minorities
  • Globalization
  • Turkish Foreign Policy
  • State-Religion Relations

What he offers

Baskın Oran is one of Turkey’s most influential thinkers on the topics of democracy, law and human rights. He presents Turkey’s shortcomings and setbacks, filtering them through international standards. He describes the ways to become a more democratic, fair and prosperous country.

How he presents

He has very strong oratory skills, he has a sharp narration style that he embellishes with humor. He is straightforward, outspoken and speaks his mind.

Baskın Oran was born in İzmir in 1945. He studied at Saint Joseph, İzmir Atatürk High School and Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences. In 1969, he became an assistant at the Department of International Relations at the same faculty. He finished his doctorate in 1974. He did post-doctoral studies on international minorities in Geneva (1974-75).

He served as a member of the Prime Ministry Human Rights Advisory Board (İHDK) and the chairman of its subcommittee, the Minority Rights and Cultural Rights Subcommittee.

He voluntarily retired early in 2006 when he was the Head of the Department of International Relations. In 2006, he was a guest researcher at Oxford St. Anthony’s College.

He worked as a columnist for Radikal İki in 2007 and has been a columnist in Agos newspaper since 2000. He mainly studies on nationalism, minorities and Turkish foreign policies.

Presentation Languages: Turkish, French, English

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