Asaf Savaş Akat


  • Turkish Economy: Macro Analysis
  • Globalization and International Trends
  • Liberal Economy and Social Justice

What he offers

With a wealth of experience in macroeconomy, Prof Asaf Savaş Akat is in the privileged position to be able to offer decision makers essential information crucial for companies wishing to do business in today’s volatile markets.

How he presents

Thanks to his deep understanding of market coherence and outstanding achievements in his field he inspires any audience. As a professor of economics he has excellent rhetoric skills at his command which also make him a demanded speaker all over the country.

Prof. Dr. Asaf Savaş Akat (1943-Ankara) received his Undergraduate degree in Economics in Istanbul University. He received Masters degree in East Anglia University in England. He became a Professor of Economics in 1980 in Istanbul University. He attended numerous trainings, internships and certificate programs with AFS, AIESEC, OECD and USA scholarships in different countries. He was Rector of Istanbul Bilgi University in 1996-1998. He is currently teaching in the same university. Asaf Savaş Akat also assumed important roles in professional life. He acted as Chief Adviser, Board Member and Chairman of many major companies in Turkey. Akat has numerous articles published in newspapers and journals. He has attended many conferences, panels, TV and radio shows as a speaker. He was one of the members of the popular economy program Ekodiyalog (Ecodialogs) on NTV channel. He was a columnist for daily Sabah and Vatan newspapers.


  • Sosyal Demokrasi Gündemi (1991)
  • Alternatif Büyüme Stratejisi – İktisat Politikası Yazıları (1983)
  • İktisadi Analiz (1980)
  • İktisat İlmi ve İktisat Siyaseti: Genel İlkeler (1975)
  • İktisat İlmi ve İktisat Siyaseti: Mikro Teori (1975)


“Mr. Asaf Savaş’s presentation, eloquence, approach to the questions and his answers were highly successful.”

“Asaf’s performance was excellent, thanks a lot.”

“Asaf Savaş Akat was a sought after speaker by our customers with his gift of the gab as well as his friendly personality. His topics were clear and witty. He has a professional working style. We would like to work with him for other events.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English, French

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