Arda Ös

Arda Ös



  • If Time Management Doesn’t Work..What Do You Think About Radical Approach to Get Organized? Being in the Flow!
  • An Approach to Problems with
    Creative Thinking Techniques
  • Effective Communication! Active Listening Law
  • Who Are You, Really? Who Do You Want to Be? Conversion with Targets
  • Road – When the Things Go Wrong!

What he offers

Arda Ös is a committed professional and delivers high-energy, audience-centric programs. He combines business experience, personal excellence and communications technologies in delivering personal and business success. Packed full of inspirational tips, and motivational stories, your team will not only enjoy your event but will leave with their heads buzzing with real-world strategies that they can use right away.

How he presents

Arda Ös’s unique and inspirational perspective and the way he shares it with real-world experience, knowledge, and passion truly demonstrates the power of the individual over external events. He has an engaging style with a great ability to change the energy in a room, encouraging everyone to participate, not only by listening by doing.

Arda Ös is Founding Partner of Qualia Coaching and Training Project Management . He worked for Philip Morris, Marsa Katft Jacobs, Chimera Gourmet Products and L’oreal Turkey during his professional working life. He also worked for Aras Cargo Training Department and he designed a program called “Listen Understand Talk” which he shared with more than 5000 people all around Turkey in two years. He completed ICF Accredited Professional Coaching Program of Erickson College International in 2010.


“We enjoy a lot with his specific excitement and his presentation that kept the pot boiling. His constructive communication with the participants has been committed to our memories such a very good example of the interactive training.”

“We really impressed by his positive influence in a short span of time. We highly recommend him for the companies.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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