Andreas Ekström

Andreas Ekström



  • Seven Ways to Own the World
  • The Digital Revolution
  • Technology and its Impact on Society, Business and Public Life
  • Digital Equality
  • ‘The Google Code’
  • The Future of Media

What he offers

In his presentations Andreas analyses how the digital revolution affects people, business and public life and helps decision makers to understand the tech world from a human perspective.

How he presents

Andreas’ presentations are always tailor made and thoroughly prepared with each client.

Andreas Ekström is an author, columnist and commentator on the digital revolution. He focuses on the topic, seen from the role of a futurist and looking at all disciplines of society. He is a senior staff writer at the Swedish daily newspaper Sydsvenskan on the online world, media, culture and digital equality. He is the author of several books, and in his acclaimed volume ‘The Google Code’ he turned his journalistic curiosity towards the increasing influence of Google in our society.

Andreas’ mission is to educate for digital equality. Today, he talks not only about Google, but uses a wider scope to understand the companies and behaviours that have become culturally, technologically and commercially drivers of change at all levels of society. He focuses his journalistic instincts on the good and the bad of the biggest power players in the digital world and considers what organisations can learn from them. He looks into new user demands, gathering of data, design and technology strategies. Andreas was a TEDx speaker in 2013 and again in 2015; the second time around picked up by, which gave his talk an audience of well over a million people. The talk has been translated to more than 30 languages and has made Andreas one of Europe’s most sought-after futurists.


  • Främling. En bok om Carola  2012
  • The Google Code 2010
  • Jag kräver att ni läser vaket och långsamt. Samtal med författare 2010
  • Lunds Universum 2008
  • Hemliga Pappan 2006
  • Ordlekar 2004

Presentation Languages: English

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