Alper Başaran

Alper Başaran

Alper Başaran



  • Hackers: The World of Internet Pirates
  • How Do We Get Hacked?
  • How Cyber Threats Effect Your Business
  • Digital Transformation and Cyber Security
  • Fraud Techniques and Things to be Careful About
  • Danger in Your Pocker: Your Smart Phone
  • 21 Suggestions for Using the Internet Safer
  • Deepweb-Darkweb

What he offers

Serving government agencies and large entreprises across the Middle East as consultant and ethical hacker, Alper Basaran is one of the leading cybersecurity experts in the region. He translates his experiences as a hacker into understandable and actionable tips for businesses across a wide range of industries. He shares ideas to protect yourself and your business from ever increasing cyber risks. He also presents tools, techniques and procedures used by hackers and cyber intelligence analysts that will help you see your customers and competitors in a different light.

How he presents

His fun and energetic presentation style allows him to share ideas without getting lost in deep technical details. From board rooms to conference rooms, he is able to keep the audience highly engaged and interested.

Born in Ankara in 1979, Alper Basaran graduated from the Charles de Gaulle French High School. He holds an undergraduate degree in Banking and finans and a Master of Science in Management.

He has provided consulting services to over 200 companies across the globe and currently holds the position of Chief Hacking Officer at Sparta Bilisim.

Alper Basaran is a published author and the editör of a weekly newsletter on cybersecurity with over 11.000 subscribers.

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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