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  • Media-Politics-Democracy
  • You Only Need Three Things to Achieve!
  • Communication is Something Learnable
  • Meet Your Inner Leader!

What he offers

Ali Kırca is an energetic and talented speaker and moderator and a particularly popular choice, whether it be a panel discussion or a corporate event.

How he presents

An accomplished and experienced television personality, Ali Kırca is also renowned for his relaxed presentation style and considerable skill as a conference speaker and panel moderator.

Born in 1948 in Aksehir , Ali Kırca graduated from the Navy Military College. For a while he studied Medicine and Law at the University of Istanbul. In 1974 Ali Kırca began his career as a correspondent at TRT where he held various posts before becoming the Head of the News Department. He produced the programs “From Country and World” and “32. Day”. He hosted the ground-breaking program “Open Debate” for a year.

His last post at TRT was to be its Washington correspondent. He then moved to Interstar for whom he produced the TV show “40. Parallel” from Washington and New York. In 1993 Ali Kırca returned to Turkey to become the head of the News Department at ATV. On 31 January 1994 he began to present ATV News as the first “anchorman” in Turkey. On 6 February 1994 his program “Siyaset Meydanı” (Political Arena) became the first of its kind on Turkish TV channels. His articles were published in Yeni Yuzyil and Sabah newspapers.

As the Head of News Department at the Star channel, Ali Kırca presented the evening News, and hosted his show “Politics Forum” in 2001. After a brief spell at NTV in 2002 with the same show, Kırca returned to ATV and re-commenced writing for the newspaper “Sabah”. He worked at Show TV between 2008-2013. Kırca was Media and Communication Director of Galatasaray Sport Club between March and September 2014. He takes a career break for his book.

In addition to his music album of folk songs, Ali Kırca has also written many books and has been awarded various prizes, amongst which is a “Golden Rose Award”.


  • Dedemin Kırmızı Kamyonu (2015)
  • Öteki Bahçe (2014)
  • Vakitsiz Şarkılar (2012)
  • Futbol Hayattır (2000)
  • Sedir Ağacının Kokusu (2000)
  • Azınlıklar: Kaybolan Renkler (2000)
  • Barış Manço’ya Özlem (1999)
  • 700. Yılında Osmanlı (1999)
  • Hazan Mevsiminde Aşk (1998)
  • Susurluk Çarkı (1998)
  • Aşk (1998)
  • Şimdi İyi Haberleri Veriyoruz (1997)

Music Albums:

  • Habersiz Türküler
  • Barış Manço-Güle Güle Oğlum
  • Şimdi İyi Haberleri Veriyoruz


“Ali Kırca magnificently chaired our meeting with a years of experience.”

“Ali Kırca charmed participants with his warm personality and poetic speech; he expanded our horizon with his perspective on life and business.”

“Ali Kırca was warm and candid. His presentation on the importance of luck in life was impressive. We will remember this meeting as a nice conversation. Thanks a lot…”

“We want to thank Ali Kırca for attending the panel called ‘Turkey’s Vision’ at Retail Leaders Conference, which took place in Zurich and we want to thank CSA.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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