Akın Öngör

Akın Öngör



  • Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Tips for Sustainable Success to  the Leader of the Future

What he offers

One of the most high-profile businessman in Turkey’s financial industry, Akın Öngör has a wealth of experience turning round a company, started one businesses from scratch and created highly successful teams. He provides his audience with practical insights into the drive and energy needed to succeed in today’s world and shares invaluable advice on leadership, change management and sustainable success.

How he presents

He is a superb storyteller, and he believes that the discussion of important business concepts should always be engaging and entertaining. In his dynamic presentations he focuses on interaction and audience participation, whether for a small after-dinner talk or for a keynote presentation to a conference of thousands of attendees.

Y. Akın Öngör is a graduate of Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Business Administration. He started his career as marketing executive in different industrial companies. Mr. Öngör joined the banking sector in 1981 as a top executive.

In 1987, Mr. Öngör was appointed as Executive Vice President, Responsible for Marketing and External Relations in the Corporate and Commercial Banking Department of Garanti Bank. Between 1991-2000 he served as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Garanti Bank. In 1999, Mr. Öngör received the “Distinguished Services for Outstanding Contribution to Turkey and the University” Award from Middle East Technical University. Until 2002, he served as Executive Director in the Board of Garanti Bank. During the same period Mr. Öngör was also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Garanti Bank International, Garanti Bank Moscow, Garanti Insurance Company and Garanti Technology.

After his retirement from professional life, Mr. Öngör established a wine production facility in his vineyard in Akhisar, producing Chateau style wines under his “Selendi” brand. He also published two books: “ia orana” covering his memories during his sailing in the Pacific Ocean; and “Benden Sonra Devam” detailing successful transformation of Garanti Bank.

Mr. Akın Öngör is the Member of the Board of Trustees of WWF-Turkey. Other memberships include: Trustee – Bosphorus University Foundation; Trustee – WWF-Turkey and Trustee – TED Istanbul College.


  • Benden Sonra Devam (2010)
  • Ia Orana (2000)


“Mr. Akın’s performance and the content of his speech were excellent.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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