Ahmet Şerif İzgören

Ahmet Şerif İzgören



  • Butterfly In Your Hands
  • Take That Step
  • Your Body Is Speaking – Body Language
  • Our Life Is Movie – Effective Communication
  • Will Your Business Continued by Your Grandchildren?
  • What If Superman Was a Turkish Guy?
  • Professional Management Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Team Work
  • Future Management

What he offers

As a reflective business practitioner with a unique blend of practical experience and conceptual knowledge, Ahmet Şerif İzgören has a special niche in the management field. His areas of focus include communication, leadership, management of change and the dynamics of team work.

How he presents

Ahmet Şerif İzgören provides insights and advice to society and business leaders that are highly relevant to the current and long-term challenges in the public and the business world. His audiences appreciate both the candid style of delivery and the content of his presentations.

Ahmet Şerif İzgören (1965-İzmir), graduated from Kuleli Military School and Department of English Linguistics at Hacettepe University. He served for the Armed Forces to the rank of senior lieutenant. In 1991 he became the founding manager of TÖMER Bursa branch office. In 1995 he started to work in private sector. He served as the general manager of two different companies. During the period 2001-2002 he gave lectures in Doğu Akdeniz University on Strategic Management and System Leadership, Professional Management Skills and Communication.

He received trainings on restructuring, change management, leadership, trainer training, presentation techniques, team work and Communication at Northampton University Sunley Management Center, England and participated in workshops with British companies. He conducted “Management Based Trainings”. He worked as a consultant in restructuring, change and leadership.

During his government service, he opened Bursa’s first cultural center. He published the only translated journal of the time in Turkey. He was honorary chairman of 16 drama, music and art clubs. He is renowned for creating change and generating new systems. He worked as a trainee and consultant for numerous Turkish and foreign foundations. He gave lectures on leadership, team working, management and communication at Turkish and foreign universities and various platforms. He wrote books. He is the founder of the Academy International / İzgörenAkın Training and Consulting firm since 1996; Elma Publishing House’s (Academy Plus Publishing Co.), is Chairman of the Board since 1999. He is still going on writing and speaking.


  •  İş Hayatı Futboldan Ne Öğrenir? (2014)
  •  PO – İyilik Patapataya İniyor (2014)
  •  The Gang Of Black Arrows (2014)
  •  Kara Oklar Çetesi – Kıbrıs (2014)
  •  Küçük İyilik Fikirleri (2013)
  •  Sarı Siyah Bursa (2012)
  •  Karaoklar Çetesi (2012)
  •  Süpermen Türk Olsaydı Pelerinini Annesi Bağlardı (2010)
  •  40’ının da Kulpu Kırık 40 Türk (2010)
  •  Küçük Beyaz Uğur Böceği (2010)
  •  MOKS (2008)
  •  Bir Türk Zabitinin Anıları (2008)
  •  Uçan Halı Babam (2007)
  •  Eyvah İş Görüşmesi (2007)
  •  Eşik altı Büyücüleri (2006)
  •  Hıdır Kişisel Gelişiyor (2006)
  •  Süpermen ve Uğurböceği (2005)
  •  Avucunuzdaki Kelebek (2004)
  •  Şu Hortumlu Dünyada Fil Yalnız Bir Hayvandır (2002)
  •  Geleceğin Organizasyonunu Yaratmak (2001)
  •  İş Yaşamında 100 Kanguru (1999)
  •  Dikkat Vücudunuz Konuşuyor (1998)


“Evaluation of the audience is very positive. They listened him with great attention. The examples he gave and connections to the subject was very good. He is a very good speaker.”

“We attended several training programs for years but we can conveniently say that it was the most impressive seminar we have ever seen.”

“İzgören was very professional, he prepared perfectly suitable content, evaluation of the participants was very positive. He was candid and impressive, we felt like he was one of us. That was a very successful and good referral.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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