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Global Economy

A wide range of experts hailing from government and academia to international consultants and best-selling authors, these economic speakers offer the insights that your organization needs to stay ahead of the curve and prepare for our interconnected global economic future.

Technology and Social Media

In our technologically advanced age, you have to remain on top of the latest advances to retain a competitive edge in business. We offer you a portfolio of leading experts who will share the ways in which emerging technologies and social media can enhance, and even revolutionise, your business.


From technology and change strategy and capitalizing on disruptive technology to methods for creative and outside-the-box thinking, our innovation speakers are ready to share their research, experiences, and knowledge.

Global Politics

Politics speakers, whose carefully developed views range from one end of the political spectrum to the other, guaranteed to be thought provoking and spark debate. Look to one of our many elected officials, leading trend spotters, journalists, and pollsters to add sizzle to your event.


Our leadership and influence speakers come from a wide variety of backgrounds that include government, for-profit, academia, nonprofits, politics, and religion. They provide actionable business strategies, leadership techniques, and innovative delivery methods to help lead positive change in your organization through inspirational and motivational keynotes.


Our motivational and inspirational speakers share incredible personal stories of success, failure, persistence, hard work, and the events that changed their lives in their thrilling keynote speeches. From sports figures to business leaders they will make your event a resounding success with their inspirational, powerful messages.

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