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“Many of the industries that 5G could
revolutionize are those in which Europe has
traditionally demonstrated strenght.
Now, there is a high risk that China,
through digitalization, will achieve
dominance in these industries.”
Carl Bildt

“Making decisions is something
we need help with more than ever,
because of the modern "data deluge"
Noreena Hertz

Virtual Keynotes
& Digital Events

"An innovative environment must have an
exceptionally high tolerance for mistakes."
Kjell Nordström

"Business as usual is dead. Green
growth is the answer to both our
climate and economic problems."
Anders Fogh Rasmussen

"This is the best reason to learn history:
not in order to predict the future, but to free yourself of the past and
imagine alternative destinies."
Yuval Noah Harari

"The greatest threat we face is not robots
replacing us, but our reluctance to reinvent
Mike Walsh


Most popular topics

Global Economy

A wide range of economy experts hailing from government and academia to international consultants and best-selling authors…

Technology and Social Media

Leading experts who will share the ways in which emerging technologies and social media can enhance, and even revolutionise, your business.


Our innovation speakers share their expertise on achieving an innovative mindset and design thinking which is the precondition for development in the age of disruption.

Global Politics

Look to one of our many elected officials, leading trend spotters, journalists, and pollsters to add sizzle to your event.


Our leadership and influence speakers come from a wide variety of backgrounds that include government, for-profit, academia, nonprofits, politics, and religion.


Our motivational and inspirational speakers share incredible personal stories of success, failure, hard work, and the events that changed their lives in their keynote speeches.

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