Yasemin Bradley

Yasemin Bradley



  • Lets Get Ligther!
  • Anti-aging Nutrition
  • How Should We Eat to Increase Our Resistance?
  • Light Recipes with Dr. Bradley

What she offers

Yasemin Bradley makes great contribution to audiences by her professional advice on health, nutrition and diet.

How she presents

An experienced speaker, Yasemin Bradley is highly sought after by clients eager to hear first hand the secrets of her healthy foods besides being a very successful doctor and TV personality.

Dr. Yasemin Bradley is a graduate of Medical Faculty of 9th September University, lzmir. She received lTEC Diploma – Nutrition & Diet in London. Dr. Bradley worked at TRT (Turkish Radio and Televison) as a reporter and producer; at Channel D as an anchor woman on prime-time news; at BBC Turkish Section as a trainee producer. Currently she has a consultancy firm ‘Bradley Nutrition Consultancy Ltd.’ which has some of the leading Turkish and global companies as customers. Regularly Dr. Bradley contributes to a weekly column in one of leading Turkish daily newspapers, Vatan. Her articles are published on the website called ‘Anne Olunca Anladım’. In addition, she is a regular lecturer and advisor on healthy life style, diet & nutrition to Turkey’s leading companies. Regularly Dr. Bradley contributes to various television programs discussing all related issues surrounding Health, Nutrition & Diet and to give an expert opinion or comment on a specific topic.


  • Atakan makes friends with fruit & veggies (2012) (children’s book)
  • Cemile is learning healthy nutrition (2010) (children’s book)
  • Cemile learns how to keep healthy (2010) (children’s book)
  • Cemile wants to get taller (2010) (children’s book)
  • Bradley Mutfağı (Bradley’s Kitchen) (2004)
  • Gelecek Yiyeceklerde (The Future is Food) (2002) – Best-seller
  • 2nd World War Love Stories (A translation from a Larry King book) (2002)
  • How to Talk to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime (A translation from a Larry King book) (1996)


  • ‘Best Anchorwoman of The Year’, Association of Magazine Journalists, 1996

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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