Vedat Özdan

Vedat Özdan



  • Globalization and Anti-Globalization: Risks and Opportunities
  • China, Russia and Shifting Global Balances
  • Euro Zone- Country Dynamics and Parity Analysis
  • An Analysis of Turkish Economy – Changing Conditions and the “New Normal”
  • How to Manage a Company Facing Down-Turn?
  • Special Presentation: All About Cigars

What he offers

As an economist and columnist, Vedat Özdan provides his audience with a comprehensive understanding of recent developments on domestic, regional and global social, political and jeopolitical issues that are of interest, in a manner of an objective and critical mind based on his knowledge and experience accumulated in various positions he has taken up at the public and private sectors. His prensentations also provide practical, useful and applicable methods for the companies in the need of managing and reducing their risks of volatile commodity, energy, cash and foreign exchange exposures on client base.

How he presents

Vedat Özdan is an exceptional and charismatic public speaker. His pragmatic, yet warm and impartial approach appeals to a wide range of people and is regularly in demand for his business insight and advice.

Vedat Özdan graduated from Department of Economics, Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University in 1987. He got his master degree of economics from the NCSU in the USA. He was a lecturer at Department of Economics, Middle East Technical University (METU). He started his working life as an Auditor at the Ministry of Finance in 1990. He worked as an Advisor at the Prime Ministry; as an Special Advisor at the Ministry of Finance; as a Director of Foreign Relations and EU Affairs at the Ministry of Finance; as a Member of the Board of Auditor at the Council of Europe; as a Vice President of İstanbul Gold Exchange; as an Indirect Taxes Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers İstanbul Office. He also served as a consultant, manager and board member in various private sector companies. He is a professional commentator of the program called “Günden Kalanlar” at Bloomberg HT TV and also he is a columnist on the website of Bloomberg HT. He also on the Bloomberg HT Radio program ‘İşbaşı’ with his comments on current economic issues every Monday morning and he lectures on the subject of ’21st Century and Globalization’ in a private university.


  • Puro Hakkında Her Şey (2007)


  • Milliyet Newspaper Economy Award, 1992

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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