Sunay Karamık

Sunay Karamık



  • How to Make A Choice of Profession?
  • The Art of Self Motivation
  • The Art of Life Conservation
  • I’m Proud of My Resume
  • I Made The Best Job Interview of My Life

What she offers

Sunay Karamık challenges delegates to really push themselves in order to be the best that they can possibly be. She is meticulous in the detail, planning and preparation of her speeches that is required to perform at the very highest level. During her presentation she offers delegates simple strategies and ideas to get the best results in motivating themselves and career planning.

How she presents

With Sunay Karamık’s professional, direct perspective on the one hand and her womanly, empathic radiance on the other, she delivers her messages clearly, passionately, and with great affection.

Creator of the game show called Career Map Job and Career that is featured weekdays on TRT School Channel and Career Coach Sunay Karamık graduated from International Relations Department, Faculty of Economics, İstanbul University. In 1994 she graduated from Harvard University, Extension School, Special Studies in Administration and Management Department. At the end of the same year she established a company called Karamık Management Consulting Corporation (KRM, Karamık Yönetim Danışmanlık). As a founding member of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER) KARAMIK worked in various positions in the association. Furthermore she worked as an Accountant and Secretary General in Association for Support of Women Candidates (KA.DER). She worked as an executive committee member in KAGİDER WOMAN FUND. She was an advisory board member at Kültür University, Department of Industrial Engineering. She prepared and hosted the first HR program on Channel E in 1999. She was a career coach for the program called “KARİYER EDİN” on TRT 1 in 2009. She completed coaching education at ADLER Learning International. She was a columnist at POWER journal and Monster that is source for jobs and career opportunities.


“We worked on manager selection and placement with Mrs. Sunay Karamık during the period of our company’s significant growth. I keep a close watch on Mrs. Karamık’s successful works on the sector.”

“She successfully combines her professional experiences with her effective phrase. She has audience from all ages. Sunay Karamık’s training for business life for the students from different classes was very successful. We got positive feedbacks from students. We will continue to follow her works with pleasure and enthusiasm.”

“Sunay KARAMIK: Impressive, wise, charismatic, leader, confidental…”

“Ambition, education, desire, passion for the success… All of them are necessary but we have to organize our precious time. Sunay Karamık has all of them, first of all she organizes and shares her knowledge!”

“She candidly makes the situation analysis. She unquestionably is a specialist who you can trust for evaluating your personal skills and formation very well. She is an unique person who follows and evaluates changing dynamics of the world.”

“Creative, patient, philanthropist, open for communication, persuader, willing, prone to teamwork…”

“Sunay Karamık is different than others with her original style. It’s possible to see loveless people around us and also they seem older than their age. Moreover it’s possible to see very happy, positive people who never show their age. It is a pleasure to stay with them and you wait impatiently to meet again. Sunay Karamık is one of those exceptional people.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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