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Semih Saygıner



  • Success Story
  • Being Successful “Despite”
  • How to Win the Game!
  • Continuous Development for Success
  • Be Yourself! Be Different!
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Motivation
  • Think Big!
  • “My Stories” Billiards Show – Magic Shots

What he offers

Playing billiards since the age of 14, brilliant motivator Semih Saygıner shows audiences exactly what it takes to become an World Champian. He is an experienced motivational and interactive speaker who draws on his successes and hard work for the benefit of many companies. He proved the importance of investing on personel improvement and sustainability on success by being Turkey Champion after being away for 9 years.

How he presents

One of Turkey’s greatest ever Champians, Semih Saygıner’s vivid and entertaining presentations provide his audiences with insights into the preparation and efforts that go into being an World Champion.

Semih Saygıner was born 1964 on the 12th of November in Adapazarı as the 5th of 6 brothers and sisters. He lost his father and his mother in a tragic traffic accident. Even though he had a succesful school life, Sayginer had to leave the high school in the first year because of the death of his parents but soon he took the entrance exams again and won the Electricity section of Industrial Professions High School Experiencing some psychological problems after the loss of his parents, Sayginer had to leave his school once more. It was during this period that he met biliards on an advice from one of his friends.

Finding the friendship and love he had been missing in this community, he overcame all the difficulties in life thanks to the billiards and started gaining great success at his young age. He started playing billiards at the age of 16 and soon he attracted the attention of important players with his superb performance. He attended the Istanbul Championship with the insistence of one of his friends, tezcan, and he won the championship.

His reputation soon spread all throughout the country and he started receiving invitations to tournaments and important events. Although he had many achievements, he decided to keep billiards as a hobby only cause he wasn’t able to make a living from it. After completing his military service in 1986, he realized that he couldn’t do without billiards and came back to Istanbul. Starting to work at a billiards saloon, he found the opportunity to earn money and practicing billiards at the same time. In an international exhibition tournament held in Istanbul in 1988, he gained confidence with the performance he showed against world starts and aimed to carry his achievements to the international arena.

He attended several international tournaments until 1992 and had his first major success when he beat the World Champion Ceulemans 3-0 in Germany. After his achievement, he rose to the 6th place in World Classification. After his accomplishments in international stage, billiards becane a sports branch in Turkey with a Federation and spread quickly. Sayg,ner won the World Championship in 1994 for the first time. In the same year he was transferred to the Netherlands Team League which is considered as the most important league of billiards.

He gained innumerable achievemts from 1994 to today. With 40 authentic shots whic became a part of the Billiards History, Semih Sayginer is knows as “Mr Magic” and “The Turkish Prince” in world billiards. Semih Sayginer makes his comeback after being away for nine years by being Champion again in December 2015.

National Achievements:

  • 29 Times Turkey Grand Prix Championship
  • 16 Times Turkey Championship (Three Cushion)
  • 10 Times Turkey Championship (Carom)
  • 1 Time Turkey Championship (Cadre 47/2)
  • 1 Time Turkey Championship (One Cushion)

International Achievements:

  • 1994 World Cup Champion (Gent-Belgium)
  • 1994 Olympic Torch Award (İstanbul-Turkey)
  • 1994 World Cup Series, 3rd place (6 feet)
  • 1995 Korea Open Three Cushion Tournament Champion (Suwon-Korea)
  • 1995 Mersin International Tournament Champion (Mersin-Turkey)
  • 1996 Mersin International Tournament Champion (Mersin-Turkey)
  • 1998 World Cup Champion (Göynük-Türkiye)
  • 1998 World Cup, 2nd place (Antwerp-Belgium)
  • 1998 Netherlands International Tournament Champion (Zundert-Netherlands)
  • 1999 World Cup, 2nd place (Las Vegas, USA)
  • 1999 US Open Three Cushion Tournament Champion (San Jose-USA)
  • 1999 Netherlands Grand Prix Champion (Barendrecht-Netherlands)
  • 1999 European Champion (Porto-Portugal)
  • 2000 World Cup Series, 2nd place (5 feet)
  • 2000 Denmark Open Three Cushion Tournament Champion (Denmark)
  • 2000 US Open Three Cushion Tournament Champion (Boston-USA)
  • 2000 US Open Three Cushion Tournament Champion (Atlanta-USA)
  • 2000 Mexico Open Three Cushion Tournament Champion (Mexico City-Mexico)
  • 2000 Metropol Diamond Cup Champion (Antwerp-Belgium)
  • 2000 European Championship, 2nd place (Madrid-Spain)
  • 2000 World Cup Champion (Bogota-Colombia)
  • 2000 Greece Open Three Cushion Tournament Champion (Athens-Greece)
  • 2000 Japan Cup Champion (Tokyo-Japan)
  • 2001 World Cup Champion (Bogota-Colombia)
  • 2001 Metropol Diamond Cup Champion (Antwerp-Belgium)
  • 2002 European Clubs Champion (with Dutch team Van Wanrooij) (Oporto-Portugal)
  • 2002 Japan Cup Champion (Tokyo-Japan)
  • 2003 World Cup Champion (Las Vegas-USA)
  • 2003 World Champion (Valladolid-Spain)
  • 2003 National Teams World Champion (with Tayfun Taşdemir) (Germany)
  • 2003 Zaman Newspaper Sports Personality of the Year Special Award (İstanbul-Turkey)
  • 2004 National Teams World Champion (with Tayfun Taşdemir) (Viersen-Germany)
  • 2004 World Cup Champion (Athens-Greece)
  • 2004 World Cup Series, 2nd place (5 feet)
  • 2004 Player of the Year Award in the World (Antwerp-Belgium)
  • 2004 Super Cup Champion (Antwerp-Belgium)
  • 2004 Milliyet Newspaper Sports Personality of the Year Special Award (İstanbul-Turkey)
  • 2005 European Clubs Championship Bronze Medalist (with Portuguese team FC Porto Billiards) (France)
  • 2005 World Games Bronze Medalist (Duisburg-Germany)
  • 2006 European Championship Silver Medalist
  • 2006 European Clubs Championship, 2nd place
  • 2007 Korea Open Champion (Seoul-Korea)
  • 2008 AGIPI Masters, 3rd place (Strasbourg-France)
  • 2009 Yamani Cup Champion (Tokyo-Japan)
  • 2012 Colombia Open Champion (Colombia)
  • 2016 National Teams World Championship, 2nd place

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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