Şebnem Özkan

Şebnem Özkan



  • The Indigo Revolution
  • Paradigm Change: The Crystals and The Stars
  • Benefits of Attention Deficit
  • Codes of Your Life: Archetypes

What she offers

An accredited Comprehensive Life Coach Şebnem Özkan encourages audiences to “reach for the stars” in life and their endeavours, and shares knowledge and experience together with her intuitive talents. Her goal is to help clients understand “how to live wisely and well”.

How she presents

Sheis an engaging and innovative speaker able to apply herinsights and experience to the work of others with wit and passion.

Şebnem Özkan, holds a Master’s Degree in General Psychology from the University of Memphis, a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (in English) from the İstanbul University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the İstanbul University State Conservatory. While studying psychology she did extensive research on the Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and on humanistic psychology schools which focus on the strong characteristics of the person and the solution of the problem, such as Positive Psychology and Constructivist Psychology, instead of labeling the person as sick.

She studied and later on taught various complementary therapies such as Zen meditation, I Ching, Tensegrity and qigong all along her education. After returning to Turkey in 2007, she completed the internationally accredited Comprehensive Life Coaching Certification Program at FA Koç Akademi.

Şebnem Özkan has been using her knowledge and experience together with her intuitive talents in her practice since 2009.


  • The Light Era Children (2014)
  • The Guides of the Medicine Wheel (2012)
  • Angels are Talking to You (2011)


  • 1998 – 2000: Italian Ministry of Culture Scholarship
  • 1997 – 1998: Eczacıbaşı Scholarship
  • 1996: 1. Ankara Classical Guitar Contest; fourth prize
  • 1986: Milliyet High School Music Competition; member of the school orchestra; second prize
  • 1985: Turkish Marine Corps Nature Conservation Painting Competition; first prize


“I’m very happy to attend the training. I’m sure my life will be better with your warm and friendly orientation. Thanks a lot for everything. Hope to meet you again… Best Regards”

“I feel renovated, more energetic and more self-confident. I would like to thank her for leading a new way for my introversion and self-confidence. ”

“In fact, we all have our secret wings within us which will allow us to fly our dreams and realize ourselves. Şebnem Özkan strengthens our wings.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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