Oğuzhan Toracı

Oğuzhan Toracı



  • Design and Implementation of Social Responsibility Projects
  • Creating A Brand, Reputation Management and Strategic Communication Consultancy

What he offers

He is an expert in the art of effective and strategic communication, helping businesses and organisations design and implement their Social Responsibility Projects.

How he presents

Oğuzhan Toracı is an engagingly warm speaker with great natural energy. He uses many colourful experiences from his career as a journalist to deliver highly original and entertaining speeches.

Oğuzhan Toracı graduated from Media and Communications Department, Eskişehir Anadolu University. Then, he joined Journalism Development Program of the News University in Florida. He did internship at Los Angeles-based film company called Thingk Entertainment as “Representative of Turkey”. Currently he is working at Sabah Newspaper. In 2008, he prepared exclusive interviews for Sinematürk Journal and he took his place among the best young journalists in Turkey. In 2009, he was a writer at first and then he was Turkey Editorial Coordinator at America’s first Turkish e-newspaper called Alaturka. In the same year he attended a media workshop that also well-known speakers attended such as Michael Stopford, Roxana Morduchowicz, Jung-Im Ahn under the leadership of Vladimir Gai who was Former President of UNESCO Media Unit as part of the world’s leading political organization UNAOC. In 2011, he designed and managed the social responsibility project called “Let’s Play Together”. In 2012, he wrote at Denmark Newspaper and prepared full-page exclusive interviews. During his career he worked as a communication consultant for many prestigious names such as Hollywood actor Don Wilson, French filmmaker Don Clovis, world kickboxing champion Remy Bonjasky, Turkish fashion designer Faruk Saraç and also he has been appointed as Chairman of the Press, Media and Communication Committee of Turkish Kickboxing Federation in 2013.


“It’s very important to symbolize every right with a child and photo. I would like to say that I’m very pleased to involve in his social responsibility project called ‘Let’s Play Together’”.

“The filming of his project called ‘Let’s Play Together’ was very nice. I was proud of being a part of this project.”

“Oğuzhan Toracı’s photos reflect that how a young journalist has an anomalous perspective for the social issue.”

“Oğuzhan Toracı is a designer who succeed very important projects at very young age. At the age of 21, his project for disability rights created a tremendous impression. Furthermore he took photos of politics with the children for child rights. I honestly say that I enjoyed a lot with his exhibition.”

“It is a very challenging and difficult work. It’s obvious he made a great effort. His book ‘35’ is a historical document for the history of theatre and also it is such a resource…”

“The things I will say are not prophecy. Everybody who knows that 23 years old man would agree with me… He succeed excellent projects although he is at the bottom of the ladder. He merely was born to produce…”

“We want to thank Oğuzhan Toracı for his amazing performance within our events. We wish him a continued success.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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