Mustafa Sönmez

Mustafa Sönmez



  • Megaprojects and Financing Problems
  • Economic Trend Analysis
  • Industrial Trends
  • Data Calendar in Turkey: Where and How to Reach the Data, How the Data Is Processed

What he offers

As an analyst author whose studies are based on the latest news, Mustafa Sönmez illuminates the audience by both making economic and politic analysis in general context and focusing more specific issues. He is well-known for being the author of many political-economical books and commentator in several TV shows and is a conference speaker in great demand.

How he presents

Mustafa Sönmez acts as a guide to the audience with his realistic approach and comments, centered around economy and politics. He creates a difference through his clear expression and impressive style.

He graduated from METU, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences in 1978 and started his business career at the same faculty as an assistant along with working as the General Secretary of TİB (Tüm İktisatçılar Birliği, an association of economists).

After graduation, he worked at various institutions as a research specialist. In 1983 he made his entry into the news media by becoming the economics editor of Nokta (a weekly magazine). Starting from 1995 and until 2001, he acted as the publishing editor of various magazines through his privately owned news agency Kum Ajansı.

After 2002 he continued his activities as a journalist at and portals. Between 2009-2015  he became a columnist at the newspaper Cumhuriyet, Yurt ,Sözcü, BirGün.  He also has contributed with weekly articles  for  Hürriyet Daily News between May 2013-2016. He has started his weekly articles for Al-Monitor, in October 2106.

In parallel with his journalism and starting with 1977, he has written over twenty books on the Turkish economy.

At present he continues to be a commentator for various TV channels and radio stations  also, apart from carrying on with his researches and activities as a writer.

Selected Publications

– Türkiye Solu ve Kürt Siyaseti (2015)

– AK Faşizmin İnşaat İskelesi (2015)

– AKP-Cemaat: Çatışmadan Çöküşe (2014)

– Kent, Kapital ve Gezi Direnişi (2013)

– Neler Oluyor Hayatta (2012)

– Kürt Sorunu ve Demokratik Özerklik (2012)

– Paran Kadar Sağlık: Türkiye’de Sağlığın Ticarileşmesi (2010)

– Medya Kültür Para ve İstanbul İktidarı (2010)

– Teğet’in Yıkımı (2010)

Presentation Language: Turkish

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