Mitat Çelikpala

Mitat Çelikpala



  • Globalization, Political Transformation
  • The Current Developments in The World and Turkey
  • Turkish Foreign Policy
  • Energy and Energy Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Turkish-Russian Relations, Caucasus…

What he offers

Prof. Çelikpala offers great insights into the energy and energy security issues and its effects on the world economics and politics . With a wealth of experience and an unparalleled depth of information into the energy markets, globalizaton and foreign policy he is highly sought-after by organisations eager to benefit from his considerable expertise.

How he presents

Compelling and informative, his presentations capture the issues, while grounding them in his audiences’ context.

Dr. Mitat Çelikpala is a Professor of International Relations at Kadir Has University, Istanbul where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on Eurasian Security, Turkish Foreign Policy and the Caucasus politics, security and history, and supervises doctoral dissertations in these areas.

His areas of expertise are the Caucasus, North Caucasian Diaspora, people and security in the Caucasus and Black Sea regions, Turkish-Russian relations, energy security and critical infrastructure protection.

In addition to Kadir Has University, he lectures in Bilgi University, Turkish War College and Turkish National Security and Military academies on Turkish foreign policy, politics, history and security in the Caucasus and Central Asia and Turkish political structure and life. He has several numbers of published academic articles and media coverage and analyses on above mentioned areas.


  • Energy Security: NATO’s New Threat Assessment (2013)
  • From Confllict to Security in International Relations (2012)

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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