Media Communication Workshop for Managers

Ali Kırca

The managers want a better explanation of what they do, and even themselves. Media is one of the number one mediums for them. There is a professional workshop that they can become skilful at getting ability to express themselves and their companies properly. Learning the point of view and working system of the media, improving interview techniques, being experienced in media communications and more.

Photography Workshop

Ersin Alok

The master artist of the award-winning photographs Ersin Alok is the first Turkish diver to dive into the Red Sea. He offers a completely different perspective within about 200 mountain climbings, his passion for rock surface drawings and his nature documentaries will leave one’s mark in history. You will enjoy finding out spectacular visuals with such a master. 

Economic Interpretation with the Language of Numbers

Mahfi Eğilmez

How should we follow and interpret the economic developments in the world and in Turkey? The growth figures, shrink figures, stock indices, foreign trade balances, current account deficit figures, employment data, production-consumption indices etc. Numbers, numbers… An original method to understand and analyze economy, and to draw conclusions with the language of numbers. 

Exploration of the History in İstanbul

Murat Belge

One of the oldest cities in the world, with history hidden in every square, every street and every building, İstanbul, is a rich, beautiful and reluctant city. It takes effort, love and passion and of course knowledge to discover and savour İstanbul. We invite you to discover İstanbul under the guidance of a wise mentor. 

Perception Management: Magic – Talent – Miracles

Kubilay Tunçer

How do we perceive, how are we perceived? Why are we mistaken, how are we mistaken? How is perception manipulated? Is universal modeling possible for perception? How do the leaders perceive and how are they perceived? A workshop on perception and magic.

Design Workshop

Zeki Beştepe

Designer/Artist Zeki Beştepe teaches design courses with simple-daily materials. The perspective, speculation and design skills are being improved in a group or tailor-made workshops. He takes a creative journey on how the imagination will be integrated with the proportion, scale and rhythm perception and how the imagination will be concrete with handicraft in the light of classical and modern techniques. Please click here to view examples of the artist’s designs.

“Leader’s Toolbox: Management Skills” Workshop

Cem Kozlu

“Leader’s Toolbox: Management Skills” Workshop is a unique, intensive, and highly interactive experience designed to inspire, engage, and help the leaders (managers) develop the skills needed to meet whatever leadership challenges lay ahead. Cem Kozlu’s toolbox has many management tools that enable success in his business life. He shares real-life stories, impressive experiences, success and failure stories to executives and managers seeking to build their own and their organization’s leadership capacity.

Art Therapy Workshop

Pınar Toker

Art therapy is a remarkable mental health approach which yields swift results through an entertaining way in “corporate change” field. Pınar Toker, author of “Destroy the Knight in Shining Armor”, the first book published in art therapy field in Turkey, presents effective methods of triggering creative power of business professionals, utilising versatile perspective in a shorter period of time.