Hayko Bağdat

Hayko Bağdat



  • Current Analysis of Turkey: State, Society, Politics …
  • Democracy, Law, Peace and Welfare. How?
  • Century-Long Walk from Ottoman Empire to Present
  • Gezi Park: Wave From Deep
  • Media from A to Z + Social Media
  • Identity Statuses with Pros and Cons

What he offers

Hayko Bağdat has the gift of being able to explain things easily and understandably at the same time. He has chaired numerous television debates and discussions about wide ranging topical issues and has worked on various levels with extraordinary people from politics, media, academia and bureaucracy. He draws on his extensive knowledge to offer audiences insights into the politics,democracy, media and identity issues.

How he presents

His highly innovative views and informal, out-of-the-box presentations make Hayko Bağdat a sought-after speaker all around the world. His speaking style and the visuals he tailors are modern and refreshing, and will give a new perspective.

Hayko Bağdat is a columnist at Diken.com.tr. He was a columnist at Taraf newspaper between 2013-2016. Bağdat was a producer and host of the program called “Sözde Kalanlar” that was about minority problems and took place for the first time in Turkey on Yaşam Radio in 2002. He was a columnist at Turkish part of the Marmara newspaper in 2003. He is one of the founders of “Friends of Hrant Dink” organization, established in memory of Hrant Dink to call for justice in 2007. He was a producer and host of the program called “Azı Karar Çoğu Zarar” with Roni Margulies on İMC TV in 2012. He performs his one-man show called  “Salyangoz”. He made presentation at numerous prestigious institutions such as UN, European Parliament, UK Parliament.

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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