Gizem Öztok Altınsaç

Gizem Öztok Altınsaç



  • Turkish Economy: Macro Analysis
  • How to Read the Current Global Economy
  • Understanding the Financial Markets
  • 2019: Risks and Opportunities
  • 30 Crucial Financial Indicators
  • Behavioral Finance and Impacts over the Markets

What she offers

Altınsaç mainly focuses on the financial markets shaping the global and domestic economy with a professional experience of 14 years. She considers the audience needs while sharing her well researched analysis and projections regarding the Global and Turkish Economy. She mainly performs crystal clear and to the point speeches that leave robust messages in minds.

How she presents

She is experienced and has deep understanding of financial markets and the Turkish Economy. As an effective speaker, she stands out with the ability of simplifying complicated macroeconomic analysis. Highly considers to keep the audience in the subjects and maintains an interactive passionate style.

Gizem Öztok Altınsaç is regarded as one of the well-known dynamic market economists in Turkey. She started her professional career as an Economist in Garanti Securities (Garanti Bank) in 2004.

Following her 12 years in Garanti Securities as Chief Economist, she is currently Research Director in Actus Asset Management under Global Investment Holdings.

Since 2011, she perfoms as a professional commentator on BloombergHT twice a week in the programs “İlk Söz” and “Küresel Piyasalar”.

Also being an adjunct professor in graduate and undergraduate programs at Bilgi University and Özyeğin University, she is lecturing in the fields; Behavioral Finance, Macroeconomic Forecasting and the Recent History of the Turkish Economy.

Before starting her 14 years of professional life, she received her MA degree in Economics from Marmara University in 2001. She continued her education for a BS degree in economics in Bilkent University and completed her graduate education in Economics in Marmara University.


Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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