Deniz Gökçe

Deniz Gökçe



  • Turkish Economy – Macro Analysis
  • Banking and Finance System
  • International Economic Trends
  • Special Speech: Football

What he offers

Deniz Gökçe reads today’s global economic picture better than anyone else. He is an exciting speaker who combines content with an entertaining approach to complex issues supported by his day by day updated graphics.

How he presents

An experienced speaker at conferences, Deniz Gökçe has a unique presence and charisma and provides invaluable insight to events. He tailors each presentation to precisely suit each individual client.

Associate Prof. Dr. Deniz Gökçe is a graduate of the University of Ankara, Faculty of Political Sciences, and Georgia State University USA, MBA in Finance and PhD in Economics.

Gökçe was lecturer at Georgia State University, USA (1972-1976); and at Emory University, USA (1976-1981); acted as consultant on economics and finance to Turkish Industrials & Businessman Association (1993-1994) and number of local banks (Board Member of Yapı Kredi Bank) and companies as well as to international banks and financial institutions.

He has been a daily columnist on economics and finance on local newspapers such as Nokta, Sabah, Hürriyet, Yeniyüzyıl, Ekonomik Bülten, Monitor, Akşam, Finans Dünyası. He is still columnist for Akşam newspaper. He appeared on TV Program “Ekodiyalog” over many years together with Asaf Savaş Akat, Mahfi Eğilmez, Ege Cansen and Taner Berksoy (at NTV).

Dr. Gökçe was a lecturer at Bosphorus University as well as Bahçeşehir University, Turkey.


“Deniz Gökçe’s well-prepared presentation was very good.”

“Mr. Deniz’s performance was excellent. Thanks a lot.”

“All of our workers indicated that the conference was nice and efficient. Furthermore we want to extend our thanks to Mr. Deniz.”

“All the participants overjoyed a lot.”

“Mr. Deniz’s communication with the other panelists and participants was very successful. He had positive communication during the event. His presentation supported by concrete examples was clear. All the participants overjoyed a lot.”

“Mr. Deniz’s performance was perfect. The content was up-to-date and his speaking style was candid. He was acclaimed with his eloquence, approach, having a good command of subject and honourable personality.”

“We got positive feedbacks from all participants. We want to indicate that he was a good choice for our meeting that we discussed our strategies and goals.”

“It was really efficient in general terms. Mr. Deniz’s detailed explanation on the economy of Tukey, Europe and the World was extremely satisfactory.”

“The content was convenient as we expected, his speaking style was warm. All the participants overjoyed.”

“Mr. Deniz’s speech was extremely good and he was a perfect choice for our participants.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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