Ayşe Hür

Ayşe Hür



  • Political History of Turkey from Last Period of the Ottoman Empire to ’80s
  • Russia, Caucasus, Japan and the Middle East Countries Within the Context of Ottoman-Turkey
  • Cultural History: Religion, Politics, Mythology, Social Facts
  • History of Istanbul: From Ancient Period to Present
  • History of Ethnic and Religious Groups During Ottoman-Turkish Period

What she offers

Colourful and controversial, and with strong views on several topics, Ayşe Hür is an excellent keynote speaker and offers audiences great insights into Ottoman Empire from the perspective of political history, analysis Russia, Caucasus, Japan and ME within the context of Ottoman Empire and also discusses history of ethnic and religious groups during Ottoman-Turkish period. Cultural History from the Point of Religion, Politics, Mythology, Social Facts, is another topic that she likes to share her ideas.

How she presents

Ayşe Hür speaks on a wide range of topics and audiences find her highly inspiring and. She also establishes a good rapport with any audience regardless of her ideas which are found sometimes even provocative.

Ayşe Hür graduated from Boğaziçi University Department of History and Department of Political Science and International Relations. She gave the masters thesis on the Armenian Question and Historical Reconciliation Points of the European Union to Bogazici University Atatürk Institute. She has been a columnist on politics and history for the Radical, Agos and Taraf newspapers respectively. Returned back to Radical newspaper in August 2012 and is still writing. She is a member of the board of trustees of Economic and Social History Foundation of Turkey.


  • Çok Partili Dönem’in Öteki Tarihi II (1961-2000), 2015
  • Çok Partili Dönem’in Öteki Tarihi I: İnönü’lü ve Bayar’lı Yıllar (1938-1960), 2015
  • Öteki Tarih 3: Kemalist Devrimler ve İsyanlar, 2013
  • Öteki Tarih 2: Abdülmecid’den İttihat Terakki’ye, 2012
  • Öteki Tarih 1: Mondros’tan İzmir Suikastı Davası’na, 2012

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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