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Aydın Boysan



  • Life & Humour
  • Business World & Ethical Values
  • Different Perspectives of Life

What he offers

With a razor-sharp perspective on life, Aydın Boysan’s popularity is well deserved. In his speeches, he tackles things that irritate him most, questioning such diverse topics as changes in our life with years, experiences of his business life with famous bosses, unwritten rules of drinking alcohol, etc. He is an outstanding after dinner speaker.

How he presents

Aydın Boysan is incredibly funny and a brilliant speaker. His inimitable style makes him highly sought after and in great demand at diverse events across the country. Having been over 90 years old, he feels that he likes people and likes nothing more than being able to have a chat with them whilst on stage.

Aydın Boysan was born in Istanbul in 1921. He graduated from Pertevniyal High School and then Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Architecture in 1945.

He carried out his architectural work until 1999. He lectured at Istanbul Technical University between 1957-1972. He became a member of constitutional assembly of The Chamber of Architectures of Turkey. He was general secteray of the chamber from 1954 to 1955. He was the Chairman of Istanbul Branch Office For two years, in 1961 and 1962. He won several awards in international and national architecture competitions.

Boysan started his writing career with writing his travel notes. He wrote homorous pieces, essays and novels. Aydın Boysan is one of the most popular speakers with his humorous style.


  • Doksan Beş Yıldan Serpintiler, 2015
  • Neşeli Konular, 2014
  • İnsan Suyu Zaman Nehrinde Akıyor, 2014
  • Doyulmaz Dünyamıza, 2013
  • Bir Ömür Yetmiyor, 2012
  • İki Nesil Bir Şehir, 2012
  • Haydi Dostlar, 2011
  • Yıldızlardan Bile Uzaklarda & Uzay Romanı, 2011
  • Bıkma Yaşa, 2011
  • Acele Etme Çabuk Ol, 2010
  • Ayıp Olmadan, 2009
  • Şerefe, 2009
  • Uzun Yaşamanın Sırrı, 2008
  • Ne Hoş Zamanlardı, Hayat Tatlı Zehir, 2007
  • Merak Uyanınca, Ne Güzel Günlermiş, Binbir Yaşam Sahnesi, 2005
  • Nerede Yaşıyoruz?, Nereye Gitti İstanbul ?, Neşeye Şarkı, 2004
  • Uzaklardan, Felekten Bir Gün, İstanbul’un Kuytu Köşeleri, 2003
  • Aynalar, Yüzler ve Yürekler, 2002
  • Zaman Geçerken, 2001
  • Damlalar, 2000
  • Yıl: 2046 Uzay Anıları, 1999
  • Yaşama Sevinci, Sev ve Yaşa, 1998
  • Leke Bırakan Gölgeler, 1995
  • Uzaklardan, 1993
  • İstanbul Esintileri, 1991
  • Yollarda, Söylesem Bir Türlü, 1990


“We were honored to meet Mr. Boysan at the launching meeting. We were very impressed with his background and experience. There is much to learn from Mr. Boysan.”

“Aydın Boysan’s speaking performance was great. We enjoyed a lot. All the topics were interesting. He stayed with us till the late hours. His communication with the guests was very good even after his speech. Thanks a lot.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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